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SCA stands for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and is used as a term in PSD2, among others. Strong authentication is required when the user accesses the account and initiates payment. To ensure strong, secure authentication of the user, two-factor authentication is carried out using factors from at least two of the three categories of knowledge, possession, and biometrics.

A Software Development Kit (SDK) maps functionality and thus enables easy use of the functionalities in the development of applications.

Single Sign-On
Single sign-on - also known as one-time registration - enables end-users to use all services after a single login with the help of one identity. If the user switches to another service of the provider, it is checked whether the user is authenticated and authorized. In the event of a successful request, the customer is given access to these resources - touchpoint-independent.

Smart Push
A push notification is a message that is displayed on a user's mobile device. By selecting the correct code in the Authenticator app, which is displayed in the application, the user successfully authenticates himself or herself.

SMS-based verification
With SMS-based authentication, the user receives verification code via SMS to his registered mobile device and must enter it to have his identity verified.

Social Login
Social Login is also called Social Sign-in. Users can easily register using their preferred social network. For the registration process on an online portal, the user selects his or her preferred social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.) and can thus be authenticated or uniquely assigned by the website operator.