E-Health modern, digital health care

Security, protection, and trust with modern identity management

E-health is the buzzword that describes the digitalization of the health sector. The use of IT in the healthcare sector brings with it many opportunities, especially for personalized medicine and the resulting strong collaboration with patients, medical technology companies, doctors and other stakeholders. Modern identity management enables you to securely manage the digital identities of the parties involved, establish fine-grained rights and role management and ensure the protection of sensitive medical data.

The opportunities of Cloud Identity and
Access Management in the healthcare sector

Authorization Management for Healthcare and Medical Technology with Roles Groups and Scopes - Access Management

Fine-grained authorization management through groups, roles and scopes​​

Efficient group management for successful collaboration in medical technology and healthcare - Identity Management

Efficient management of all participants for successful collaboration

Single Sign-On - unique identity management across all channels in medical technology and healthcare - cidaas

Single Sign-On – One identity platform across all apps and platforms

Highest security with multi-factor authentication and API security - secure apps in medical technology and healthcare

More security through API-Security, multi-factor authentication and fraud detection

IoT Device Management - Identity & Access Management for healthcare 4.0

IoT device management for digital, smart medical things (Internet of Things in medicine)

Cloud identity & access management the key to digital healthcare collaboration

Modern, digital health care is based on cooperation

The parties involved in the healthcare sector are diverse – patients, medical technology, clinics, doctors, insurance companies, nurses, etc. During the digitalisation of the healthcare sector, the interaction with the participants increasingly takes place through new portals and apps. Therefore, access to the sensitive data to be protected must be separated according to the function of the parties involved in the medical cases. With cidaas, user authorizations can be carefully restricted through groups and roles. Furthermore, scopes can be used to limit the authorisations for the applications through which the user is logged in.

Indeed, modern, digital health care has many participants who contribute to the patient’s recovery and health. The strong interaction brings many advantages. It enables personalised treatment. A personalised treatment can only be successful with the successful cooperation with the patient and the companies involved in the treatment. Delegated administrators can manage, update, and authorise users in their area of responsibility.

Smart medical things – implants and devices

One trend in the health care sector is medical devices. Hearing aids, pacemakers, insulin measuring devices – all things are linked and supplemented by digital services. All devices must function in an ecosystem and their interaction must be secured. With cidaas IoT device management you register all systems that identify and authorize themselves via protocols.

Smart medical devices are the future of medicine - modern IoT device management as part of identity & access management
Identity & Access Management with Single Sign-On for Digital Services of Personalized Medical Care

Digital services for personalized treatment

The healthcare sector is in flux. In recent years, for example, services related to the so-called Quantified Self have been driving patient expectations. He wants to be informed. Putting oneself in others’ hands only works if the trust is established if the patient feels understood. In the process, more and more services will emerge that meet these expectations and the patient’s demand. At the end of the day, there will be not just one application, but several, for different purposes. This result, among other things, from smart medical things. With cidaas you create an identity across all channels. By logging in once, users can access different of your services and stay logged in.

More security and data protection in medicine

Due to the sensitive medical data, security mechanisms are essential. Out-of-the-box cidaas API securitymulti-factor authentication and fraud detection. These mechanisms are central elements to protect against cybercrime. The consent management of cidaas enables you to obtain, manage and version consent during registration or login and for specific occasions. This creates trust.

Highest security and data protection for healthcare and medical technology through multi-factor authentication and API security
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Personalized medicine requires modern cloud identity & access management - cidaas for the healthcare industry


The strict security and data protection requirements pose major challenges for companies in the healthcare industry. Stricter regulations on quality and risk management as well as technical documentation, caused by new European regulations such as the MDR and IVDR, make this necessary.

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Success story - cidaas the foundation of digitalization at a medical engineering company - Camlog


Modern software is intelligent, innovative and easy to use. With its in-house developed product, cidaas -Customer Identity Management as a Service – WidasConcepts has created exactly such a solution. We use cidaas as the central user identity management solution for our shops and portals – our customers also profit from the user-friendly service.