Payment Integration

The cidaas payment integration links user and user groups with their payments and subscriptions, facilitating an efficient management of financial interactions within the user’s identity framework.

The cidaas payment integration links user identities with their payments and subscriptions
Integration subscriptions with users based on the cidaas Payment Integration

Manage Subscriptions with users

The cidaas Payment integration significantly enhances the capability of linking user identities with their subscriptions by integrating seamlessly with Stripe. This integration allows subscription and payment statuses to be automatically included as part of identity and access management within the cidaas platform. By having subscription information readily linked to user identities, businesses can leverage this data to enable specific use cases such as personalized access control, tailored content delivery, and proactive customer service. This streamlined approach not only improves operational efficiency but also ensures that subscription management is an integral part of the user’s identity, facilitating a more cohesive and user-centric experience.

Manage Subscriptions with groups

The cidaas Payment integration, when combined with cidaas group management, significantly amplifies its utility by enabling advanced subscription management for diverse user groups. This powerful combination allows businesses to implement complex subscription models, such as family plans for streaming services or tiered access for B2B SaaS offerings. By managing subscriptions at the group level, companies can streamline billing processes and enhance user experience by providing group-specific content and services. This integration ensures that subscriptions are seamlessly aligned with group identities, allowing for more efficient and targeted service delivery, which is crucial for businesses aiming to meet varied customer needs effectively.

Integration subscriptions with user groups based on the cidaas Payment Integration
The cidaas Payment Integration empowers businesses to implement and integrate a payment wall

Payment Wall 

The cidaas Payment integration empowers businesses to implement a payment wall that is seamlessly integrated with both cidaas and the subscription payment service. This setup allows for a direct and efficient connection between payment or subscription actions and the access management. By utilizing this integration, businesses can effectively manage how access is granted based on subscription status or payment completion. This ensures that user which lack the necessary subscription level for access can be automatically redirect to payment services. Such a mechanism is particularly effective for enforcing compliance with subscription terms and enhancing the user experience by ensuring seamless access to services and content for eligible users as well as allow a smooth upgrade for users with missing subscriptions..

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