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The most important information about Customer Identity and Access Management at a glance.

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Password less authentication
Authentication mechanism which allows users to log in and access your resources/sources without using passwords. Password alternatives include One-Time-Password (OTP) or biometric methods.

Pattern recognition
If authentication via a pattern is used, a pattern is defined during the initial registration, which the user then enters for authentication on subsequent logins.

Progressive profiling
Progressive profiling is also known as intelligent profiling and describes the process of collecting user information step by step to create holistic user profiles of customers without bothering them with too many queries at once.

On 8 October 2015, the European Parliament adopted the European Commission's proposal to promote secure and innovative European payment methods through the PSD2 Directive. The new rules aim to simplify online payments while better protecting consumers, to promote the development and use of new, innovative online and mobile payments and to make cross-border European payment services more secure. The monopoly of financial service providers on account information will end and banks will have to make their interfaces accessible to third party service providers (TPPs). To become PSD2-compliant, a robust identity and access management solution with fail-safe authorisation processes is crucial to open their interfaces to third-party providers and to exchange sensitive data securely.