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As a leading provider in the field of Identity & Access Management, we are proud of our strong partners!
Our partnerships are the foundation for our joint success in mastering our customers’ digital challenges. Together with our partners, we create exceptional user experiences, personalize interactions and secure access to digital services.

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Why should you become a cidaas partner?

Due to the increasing interconnectedness and digitalization of the world, a powerful and secure cloud identity & access management has become essential for enterprises.

With the cidaas partner program, consulting companies, integrators and digital agencies are given the opportunity to guarantee their customers smooth and data-protected customer journeys and to replace internal user administrations with modern, secure and convenient identity and access management.

cidaas is actively seeking partnerships with innovative technology providers and solution integrators. Do you feel addressed? Don’t wait any longer and take advantage of the extensive benefits of the cidaas partner program.

Program ecosystem

With complexity and dynamism in data security, cloud Identity and Access Management is how companies managing identities of customers. Our partner ecosystem equips us with tools and resources to deliver exceptional user experiences.

system integrators

Drive the digital transformation of customers with us. Use the comprehensive cidaas set of features such as Single sign on, Passwordless authentication, Consent management and many more to guarantee a smooth and secure user journey.

platform partners

Making it easy for your customers to utilise a modern Cloud Identity & Access Management and integrate cidaas seamlessly into your software. Or implement an extension to cidaas to provide added value to cidaas customers.

Advantages we offer our partners

Our program is designed to support partners in all areas of business and meet the needs of customers.
Take advantage of our many program benefits.

Product trainings

Take advantage of training from our experts to educate your team about the product, integration opportunities, and sales opportunities.

Price performance

Help your customers to optimize IT costs – reduce TCO with cidaas.

Financial advantages

You will receive a commission for sales and customer service.

Technical support

You will be assigned your personal contact person who will support you with questions about technology or processes.

Innovative IAM product

Demonstrate your expertise and delight your customers with the most innovative IAM product and secure operation in Europe.

Lead Assignment

Win new customers with cidaas leads.

Voices of our partners

Tino Truppel

The partnership with cidaas is an eye-to-eye relationship that generates significant added value for both sides. In addition to the successful cooperation, cidaas also offers a first-class (C)IAM product, which is not only the foundation for our customer projects, but also the icing on the cake.

Tino Truppel

CEO – Das Büro am Draht

Patrick Huber

What I particularly appreciate about cidaas is the uncomplicated and beneficial collaboration at eye level. We have already faced a number of challenges together, such as the migration of more than 20 million users at a customer from a legacy system to cidaas. It is a pleasure to accompany the company in its growth and I am looking forward to a further successful cooperation!

Patrick Huber

Head of Cloud Components | Principal Consultant – esentri

Sebastian Rohr umbrella

Why cidaas? Since GDPR came into force, European companies have become increasingly concerned about having their customer data processed by US service providers. With cidaas' new solutions, both registration, processing and storage of user data are located on European soil - combined with the new ID verification mechanisms and innovation in IoT and physical access, this is an appealing package of solutions that we are happy to offer our customers to solve their challenges!

Sebastian Rohr

Co-Founder (CSO) - Umbrella Associates

David Einarsson ventum

The basis for a successful partnership consists of both a technological and a personal component: With cidaas both points are fulfilled with top marks. Through the partnership with cidaas as a 360° digital identity product, unique customer experiences can be realized in a short time with strong implementation partners. We were enthusiastic about the implementation speed from the very beginning. Let us inspire you as well!

David Einarsson

Senior Consultant - Ventum Consulting

Achim Uhrig amiconsult

With cidaas as a software partner for identity and access management solutions, we have found a reliable and competent partner that we can use for our customer projects with the best conscience.
We are looking forward to joint cooperations in the future!

Achim Uhrig

CEO - amiconsult

Jörg Pflüger

As a platform partner, we are delighted to be able to offer cidass customers a personalized customer approach across all channels and touchpoints - thanks to simple interface connection.

Jörg Pflüger

Senior Partner Sales Manager – econda

Gabriel Wepfer

Together with cidaas, we want not only to manage identities, but also to protect them. Every identity, every device, every environment. We look forward to a digital future with cidaas.

Gabriel Wepfer

Head of Sales - SECURIX AG

Andre Priebe

We are very pleased that with our new partner cidaas we now have a Customer Identity & Access Management solution in our service portfolio that optimally meets the needs of our European customers in particular in terms of data protection compliance, but also security and user-friendliness, as the broad support for passwordless login procedures vividly demonstrates. As a SaaS, cidaas is quick and cost-efficient to implement, making it an optimal solution for securing customer identities.

Andre Priebe

CTO - iC Consult Group

Andreas Klanke

We are pleased to be forming a strong partnership with cidaas in order to jointly develop digital processes more intelligently and to create additional services and added value for customers. cidaas contributes its expertise in the area of identity and access management, while team neusta, as an experienced digital group, brings the breadth of its competencies - especially in e-commerce. With our ideas and innovative skills, cidaas is able to provide its customers with the best possible experience through new digital applications.

Andreas Klanke

Managing Director, neusta Identity & Access Management GmbH

Dr. Michael Kunz

Nexis is pleased to have found a strong technology partner in cidaas for the holistic mapping of identity and access management. The two currently most innovative "IAM solutions made in Germany" thus offer their customers a holistic mapping of functionalities in IAM - with lightweight integration. While cidaas contributes its strengths in the area of authentication, SSO and customer IAM, organisations can realise governance, role management, identity analytics & IAM workflow management through the complementary use of NEXIS 4. cidaas & NEXIS 4 - two strong brands for a modern IAM.

Dr. Michael Kunz

Managing Director (COO) bei NEXIS GmbH

Florian Meile

We have been working in the field of complex Enterprise IAM for a very long time and have seen that this enormous know-how can also help many organisations in Customer IAM. With Cidaas we have finally found the optimal partner for this!

Florian Meile

Lead Market - SKyPRO AG

Charlotte Gerigk

With great enthusiasm, we are partnering with cidaas to join forces. Through this collaboration, we create a holistic platform that helps organisations reduce digital and physical security risks. At the same time, we place particular emphasis on user-friendliness and efficiency. The combined strengths of cidaas and EasySecure open up new horizons for comprehensive protection and optimal use of resources.

Charlotte Gerigk

Account Management Software Partner, EasySecure Germany GmbH

Daniel Geyer

cidaas itself offers an outstanding solution in the area of Identity & Access Management and SSO solutions, which is very exciting for our customers. As we have already worked together indirectly in the past, we are pleased to officially seal our partnership and to be able to recommend another top solution for our customers in the future on a best-of-breed basis.

Daniel Geyer




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