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Discover the future of Cloud Identity & Access Management with cidaas. Our whitepapers and factsheets give you an exclusive insight and provide you with useful information on all aspects of Identity & Access Management.

Whitepapers & Factsheets


CIAM Buyer’s Guide

This white paper sheds light on the potential advantages of adopting a readily available CIAM product various aspects that one should consider while choosing a CIAM solution.

cidaas – Security. Comfort. Value Add.

In this Whitepaper we have a look how cidaas uses state-of-the-art technologies to provide all the functionalities needed for secure and convenient identity and access management.

The complete Zero Trust Guide

In this whitepaper we show you what the Zero Trust approach is and what it has evolved from. You will also learn how cidaas can help you to enforce Zero Trust.


cidaas for the Healthcare sector

We summarised the most important reasons for using a modern Cloud Identity & Access Management in the Healthcare sector – download the Healthcare factsheet.

cidaas for the retail industry

Let’s have a look how an innovative Cloud Identity & Access Management is boosting the retail industry! CIAM in the retail industry highlights some of the added-values by cidaas.

cidaas for insurance business

Customer First: Insurance companies need to recognize, understand, enable and retain their customers. Find out in this factsheet how cidaas helps to get insurance sales ready for the future.


Customer Success Stories

Find out how our customers use the cidaas platform to create a seamless login experience and the best customer experience for their customers!

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Analyst Reports

Gain deeper insights into the functionalities and performance capabilities of cidaas in the analyst reports and studies by renowned analysts such as KuppingerCole and Forrester.


Browse the latest news and blogs from cidaas

  • Seamless integration of OAuth 2.1 with cidaas
    Authentication and authorization of users is an essential part of modern web applications. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits and differences of OAuth 2.1 compared to OAuth 2 and show how you can seamlessly integrate cidaas into your application.
  • 6 trends in (customer) identity & access management for 2024: a comprehensive insight
    In the ever faster evolving digital world, (Customer) Identity & Access Management is central to a seamless and secure user experience. New trends are also emerging in 2024 that will shape the way companies use CIAM and IAM.
  • Fine sand – why many CIAM installations require finer authorization
    In recent years, many companies have successfully modernized both their internal access management systems (AM) for employees and their access from web applications and SaaS services as well as their customer identity and access management (CIAM) to secure customer access to the eServices and services offered.


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