Painless Customer Registration and Login
Fast and secure cloud based customer identity management solution with social login for single access to your digital assets
Universal Login. Better Prospects
Everything revolves around
just one thing: IDENTITY

Introducing cidaas : A simple, fast and secure way to Customer Identity Management

Our cloud service provides easy and simple integration with our pre-built social login, registration and single sign on components. Get your customers on-board across all your digital channels using OAuth 2.0 and Open ID connect standards.


Our service is backed by high security certified cloud infrastructure hosted in a choice of regions as per your security needs. We offer Europe and US based servers for regional compliance.
Need a custom or in-house deployment? Please talk to us for our on-premise solutions as well.

Scalable and Agile “Software As A Service”

The Cloud-Software cidaas is usable across domains, devices and platforms. It allows for rich customization via specific custom fields for user data, because every business has its own unique requirements.

Customer Support

cidaas provides personalized assistance with a dedicated support site for faster response times.


Make customer acquisition and access simple on cidaas

Save time and money. Learn more about the feature set that cidaas has to offer.

Standardized access control and identity management

We recognize that managing customer identities can become tedious and costly, especially as your business grows. This is compounded as there are more than one digital channels for your customers. Multiple logins hinder users from accessing your systems, let alone benefit from it. With cidaas businesses can provide customers a comfortable and secure access with minimal entry barrier to their portals, web shops or mobile apps. Customers can log in using a private social media account, without additional registration and need to remember multiple username/password combinations.

Our comprehensive feature-set built using proven technologies is designed to offer scalability, security and flexibility to manage customer identities and data.

Businesses can individually decide and enable from a large set of available Social Profiles they want to offer, for logging in. Get started with our easy setup to integrate your systems to use social logins. Provide custom login and registration layouts if you want, define specific user rights and roles and you are all set to launch. The integration of social login improves the communication and overall user experience.


Multi factor authentication


Social login & registration


Single Sign On


Customizable login and registration


Mobile and Web clients


OpenId connect implementation


OAuth2 standard


Custom fields in user data


Admin Portal

Why should you use cidaas?

  • cidaas: The intelligent connect between User Convenience und IT-Security
  • Regardless, whether on Portals, in Webshops or over Mobile Apps – You want to know and delight each of your customers.
  • cidaas was developed, so that businesses, in this age of digitization, can offer their partners and customers a sure and secure user-interface.
  • Get started with cidaas right away …Why invest in re-inventing the wheel? How much more is the turnover, when you administer the User Accounts yourself? Invest instead in your USP!
  • cidaas provides comprehensive and reliable OAuth2 services to secure your APIs exposed to the web along with a convenient API management and monitoring.
  • From satisfied to loyal to delighted customers: with a perfectly consistent experience across all channels, and with personalized services.
  • And your Customers? For them is cidaas invisible, the advantages however unbeatable.