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The most important information about Customer Identity and Access Management at a glance.

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Cloud software
Cloud software, or software as a service, is software that is provided via "the cloud", i.e. the Internet. Companies that offer these computing services are called cloud providers. These companies are no longer required to own their servers, install and maintain the software, as in the past, but can purchase the services directly.

Consent Management
The EU GDPR Regulation demands users to give their consent to collect and process their personal data. A consent management system enables declarations of consent to be stored, versioned and obtained from the user during registration, updates and when required.

CTAP (Client To Authenticator Protocol)
CTAP (Client To Authenticator Protocol) is the next innovation in password-free digital travel. Technically speaking, it specifies how the connection between the external authenticator, e.g. a fingerprint sensor connected to the device or the USB stick, and the platform must be standardised.

Customer identity management
A customer identity and access management solution is used to identify customers. It is particularly important to make registration, onboarding, and identification as convenient as possible in digital and real terms without neglecting security. This enables us to realize use cases around digital identity and create an excellent customer journey.