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The login is the first thing users see! - cidaas Login for customers.

The login is the first thing users see!

The login is the start for many users. Therefore, a great user experience is the first step for a consistent and frictionless customer journey. cidaas is the leading European Customer Identity & Access Management and a feature-complete CIAM platform. Starting with the login and Single Sign-On to multi-factor authentication and authorization management, all functions for identity and access management are part of the platform. At cidaas, we also put great emphasis to the topics of security, compliance and data protection. In that aspect we do not only offer GDPR-compliant hosting, but also a comprehensive consent management to track consents such as terms of use. In addition, innovative functions such as a Real World Identification, to authenticate users in the real world, e.g. when accessing a office, or the digital identity verification via the AutoIdent by cidaas ID validator – are part of the platform.

It’s all about the Login

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cidaas – Leader in CIAM – loved by customers and recognized by Analysts

cidaas has emerged as a leader in Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) in recent years. cidaas is consistently rated positively on well-known review platforms. Analysts position cidaas in recent reports, e.g. the Leadership Compass for CIAM by KuppingerCole as innovation and product leader, and awarded cidaas with the EIC Award for the third time in a row. Moreover, a recent study by Forrester shows impressive figures on the Total Economic Impact™ of cidaas. 

3 times in a row - Winner of the EIC award

3 times in a row – Winner of the EIC award

Innovation and Product Leader named by KuppingerCole Analysts

Innovation and Product Leader named by KuppingerCole Analysts

Positive rating for cidaas on Review Portals

Positive rating for cidaas on Review Portals

cidaas Total Economic Impact (TEI) and recommended by analysts
Single Sign-On

Unique Identity

Single Sign-On

Establish a unique identity and provide a seamless and frictionless experience by utilizing Single Sign-On!

Passwordless Authentication

Easy Authentication

Passwordless Authentication

Offer an easy and convenient login to users with passwordless authentication!

Multi-Factor Authentication

Improve Security

Multi-Factor Authentication

Improve Security with the Multi-Factor-Authentication and Fraud Detection by cidaas!

Consent Management


Consent Management

Collect and track consents as integral part of your identity & access management!

Access Management

Manage Authorization

Access Management

Manage the Authorization to all your digital services easily via groups and roles!

API Security

Standardize API-Access

API Security

Secure all your APIs with the OAuth2 Standard, integrated into your central CIAM!

ProSiebenSat.1 relies on cidaas as platform for login service 7Pass

ProSiebenSat.1 relies on cidaas, the best Single Sign-On solution from Germany, as platform for login service 7Pass

HORNBACH drives forward its digital transformation with cidaas

HORNBACH drives its digital transformation with cidaas and relies on the best Single Sign-On solution from Germany

Simple. cidaas Identity Platform.

Simple. cidaas Identity Platform.

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