Digital networking starts with an intelligent identity and access management

Enormous cost pressure, increasing staffing requirements and at the same time more accessibility to the citizens – the challenges in the public sector are many sided. A digital solution, without reinventing the entire IT world, is a secure, future oriented identity and access management. A small step with a big impact! User-friendly access accounts for citizens and convenient but efficient communication between different administrative authorities are just a few of the many benefits.

The customer identity management system from cidaas offers the highest security standards for the administration and management of customer and login data in a digital world. Having a single and unique identity for each user makes assigning roles and permissions, secure and efficient. A platform-independent system, that can be easily integrated into an existing IT architecture with the best security standards.

API Security for secure access to APIs of authorities and public administration with OAuth2

Secure Interfaces

Secure Web-APIs and a strong user authentification through Oauth2 and OpenID Connect.

Modern authorization management for digital authority/administration - access management - G2C and G2B

Authorization Management

Clear and verified assignments of roles and access permissions for users and other actors involved. The Admin Dashboard makes all transations transparent – without complex recertification.

Highest security for digital government and protection of citizen data through multi-factor authentication


Unique identification using face, speech recognition or fingerprint. Modern, pioneering technology for optimal user identification and authentication.

Single sign-on for the unique user identity of the citizen for the secure digital authority/administration

Single Sign-On

Registration, login and remain logged in across all devices and channels with the comfortable Single Sign-On.