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Passwordless authentication

Modern authentication methods for comfortable login

How does passwordless authentication work correctly?

Passwordless authentication means a login without password. Login is now carried out more through modern, passwordless authentication methods such as biometric methodsone-time passwords or social login. Users are already accustomed to these procedures on mobile devices. So, surprise them with a convenient login on your channels. Out-of-the-box, cidaas provides 14 different, modern authentication methods. For each of your channels, you can determine which method is best suited to your needs. Your user can then choose his preferred method.

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Convenient authentication across all channels


More security through user convenience

cidaas cost saving

No more expensive password forgetting processes

cidaas authentication

Streamlined registration and login instead of creative user accounts


Streamlined registration and login rather than creative user accounts

Authentication is an initial obstacle. Both the registration and a login mean effort for the user. With modern registration and authentication mechanisms, you can keep these barriers as low as possible. As a result, you get to know your users, identify user potential and address your user personally and with contextual relevance.

Through the various password-free authentication procedures of cidaas, you can offer different login procedures and the user can choose his preferred login. The registration process can also be streamlined through mechanisms such as progressive profiling. You learn more about your user step by step by requesting further information on a specific occasion.


Convenient authentications across all channels

Traditional passwords are obsolete, partly because they are difficult to type on mobile devices – too small keys, too many typos. This takes time and it costs desire to use the application.

Biometric features, uniquely generated codes or social login: cidaas out-of-the-box allows you to offer your users simple, fast and secure password alternatives. Surprise your users with more convenience through password-free authentication and in the real world with Digital Access Management.

No more expensive password-forgetting processes

As users already have many, different accounts and various passwords, each additional account is a challenge. Due to the number of passwords, it is simply not possible to remember them all. At home, users may be reluctant to perform the Forgot Password process, but on the mobile device, users may be more prone to resentment. Attract loyal customers through a convenient login and personalized addresses.

The number of passwords and password changing process takes time, even for employees using in-house applications. The password forgetting process is also time-consuming and expensive. With cidaas you can make your processes efficient, especially with cidaas Single-Sign-On – one identity across all channels.

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Passwords are insecure

For a long time, the BSI (German Federal Office for Safety) has issued guidelines regarding the point at which a password is classified as secure and the interval at which a new password should be issued. The fact is that the security of a password depends on the user. In addition, it is easier for criminals to crack passwords if it is known what requirements apply to the password. Finally, a password can also be passed on.

Passwords have some disadvantages. Therefore, the slogan should be: “Bye password! Hello modern login!”

For access to particularly sensitive accounts, security can be further increased through two-factor authentication.

The importance of multi-factor authentication

Passwortlose Authentifizierung und bequemer Login in der Medizin - cidaas



The healthcare sector is characterized by strong partnerships for the provision of medical services. Passwordless authentication provides security and convenience for all valuable, sensitive data.

Passwortlose Authentifizierung, bequemer Login und moderne Legitimierungsverfahren für Banken, FinTechs und alle weiteren Finanzdienstleister- cidaas

Financial service provider

Financial service provider

The strong authentication or “Know Your Customer” are regulatory requirements through PSD2. With cidaas you can create a convenient, secure and strong authentication with only one login, thereby meeting regulatory requirements and retaining customers. Also create modern possibilities for legitimation

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No business can be imagined without digitisation. Applications are used everywhere and are usually still secured by username and password, password policies and password change processes. Save time, effort and costs through streamlined processes with convenient, password-free authentication.

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Passwordless authentication reduces the first hurdle – the password. Amaze your users with modern login procedures according to the slogan “Bye password! Hello modern login!”

Passwortlose Authentifizierung und bequemer Login für Hochschulen, Unis, E-Learning Plattformen etc.



For the various digital services offered by educational institutions and e-learning platforms, registration of participants is necessary. Enable your users and employees a comfortable, password-free access with cidaas.

Passwortlose Authentifizierung und bequemer Login für alle Branchen mit cidaas

Further Sectors

weitere Branchen

Passwordless authentication has already become the norm. On smartphones, most users already use fingerprint, face recognition or other biometric methods to access the device. With cidaas you can create a pleasant login experience for your users, customers, partners and employees.

Password-less authentication in various business sectors

Business to Consumer/ Customer

Inspire your customers with outstanding comfort. With passwordless authentication, you reduce the first hurdle – the password. Simply select one or more of the 14 different modern authentication methods from cidaas. Users can decide which method they prefer and enjoy the new convenience. Your users enjoy using your services and can be addressed in a customized way – “Bye-bye password! Hello, modern login!”


With password less authentication, you offer your customers convenient access to your applications and services. Show your innovative power on all your channels.

Business to Employee

The BSI (German Federal Office for Safety) abandoned its suggestion to change passwords regularly and to provide guidelines for passwords. Rather use modern, secure, passwordless authentication methods. This will also get rid of time-consuming, expensive password forgetting processes. You achieve security, convenience and cost savings.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is password less authentication?

Passwordless authentication means a login without username and password. The traditional login has become outdated. Login now takes place more through modern, alternative authentication methods such as biometric methods, One-Time-Passwords or Social Login. Methods such as TouchID, face recognition or push message are already commonplace for users.

Which password less authentication methods are available?

Among the most popular passwordless authentication methods are TouchID, face recognition and pattern recognition. They have been standard on mobile devices for several years. Smartphone manufacturers recognized early on that access to the smartphone must be protected and ideally should be input-free. In addition, there are several other methods which can be grouped together under the keyword One-Time-Password (one-time password). Their attraction is that they are convenient and secure, as they are valid for a limited time.

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