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Manage consent forms, agreements, cookies and compliance documents correctly

Why is Consent Management needed?

Trust and loyalty play an extremely important role in today’s world. Consent management in compliance with the GDPR not only meets the regulatory requirements but also ensures that user data is handled in a trustworthy manner and that consent is obtained in a way that is transparent and comprehensible for the user.

consent management

Self-determined and well-informed Consent of the users


More transparency for you as a company


Obtaining consent from A-Z

Consent Management explained in a minute


Consent Management

DSGVO konformität

GDPR conformity

The aim of the GDPR (EU data protection regulation) is to protect the privacy of all EU citizens in an increasing data-driven world. An essential element is that the processing of personal data is only permitted with consent.

Simple, fast & centralized implementation

The EU-GDPR sets high standards for how consent is obtained. cidaas follows the specifications of the Kantara Consent Receipt and offers many additional functions, which are not only GDPR and CCPA compliant, but also a flexible, user-friendly access to the accepted and versioned consents. Consents always must be obtained on an ad-hoc basis. Manage many consent and permissions for your portals. Through the cidaas Consent Groups, consents for brands can be customized for specific applications and countries. In addition to opt-in as a checkbox that the user must tick, cidaas also enables double opt-in.

Einfache, schnelle & zentralisierte umsetzung
Einwilligungsmanagement von a-z

From A-Z

All relevant issues concerning consent management are covered by cidaas “all-in-one” Consent Management. cidaas offers this complete range of functions out-of-the-box. Everything is offered from Cookie Consent to personalized interactions during registration (or login) to action-based consent collection in the process (e.g. when passing on personal data to third parties). Consent and permission can then be centrally managed via APIs and the intuitive Admin UI.

Building trust with the right consent management

consent management

Users can accept or reject privacy policies, or terms and conditions directly during registration and in real-time.


In the user profile, users can call up their consent again at any time and edit it if necessary (consent/revocation).


Based on the transparent communication around the topic of consent, you as a company can create personalised interactions with customers, employees or partners and thereby take advantage of new business opportunities!

Consent Management use cases in different business areas



When processing personal data in the business environment, transparent consent management is particularly important. Suppliers and partners sign each other’s GTCs, GTCs, NDAs, and other compliance-relevant documents. The protection of their own employees and internal company data, as well as the implementation of the defined compliance processes, are a central component for a successful, trusting cooperation. With cidaas, this requirement can be easily and consistently implemented. When and to which contractual provisions a supplier or partner has agreed or whether this is still outstanding and thus a “reminder process” has to be initiated can be easily mapped with cidaas.

Business to Consumer/ Customer

Data protection laws such as the EU GDPR present companies with challenges Data protection laws such as the EU GDPR present companies with challenges. Especially, Data protection officers and marketing experts must be particularly careful when collecting and processing customer data. Personalized contact is desired and necessary to be successful in the market. A transparent, fully comprehensive consent management has become essential since the EU GDPR. With cidaas, in addition to the right of information and the right of revocation by the customer, all other requirements can also be realized carefree and securely.

Business to Employee

Consents and approvals are also necessary within the company. Whether for safety instructions, HR various onboarding and handover documents or in marketing for permission to use internal images, consent must often be obtained. It should always be traceable here which employee has already agreed, and which has not. Reminders can be sent to the respective employees quickly, easily and conveniently, and rejections can be considered in the activities.

Transparency for all users regarding consent management

Modernes Einwilligungsmanagement im Freizeitbereich für Sport Clubs, Freizeitparks und weitere Veranstaltungen

Free time

Free time

According to the GDPR, entertainment providers must also obtain the consent of their visitors. With cidaas consent management, visitors and fans can be accessed anywhere and through any device, as well as reminded of any pending consent.

Einwilligungsmanagement im Bildungswesen



When students are enrolled or new staff are hired, privacy statements and other consents should be obtained. With cidaas Consent Management this can be done comfortably and quickly.

consent management for ecommerce and retail



Changes to general terms and conditions, new data protection agreements, etc. – in e-commerce, updates of declarations of consent occur more frequently, among other things due to regulatory requirements. They can address their customers on an action-based, event-driven basis and create a relationship based on trust.

consent management für Banken, FinTechs, Versicherungen usw.

Financial service provider

Financial service provider

Financial service providers are already part of an industry which already has to implement very high regulatory requirements. But not without reason, because it is particularly important for stability and handles important personal data for its customers. They already enjoy the trust of their customers and can also excel in this area thanks to the transparency provided by the consent management available from cidaas.

Einwilligungsmanagement für die Industrie



Agreements to GTCs, GCs, NDAs and consents are relevant in the industry to enable and promote cooperation between business partners, suppliers and customers.

Einwilligungsmanagement für Messen, Vereine und alle weiteren Branchen

Additional industries

Additional industries

In every industry, terms and conditions, agreements and consents must be obtained, whether from members, visitors, employees, suppliers, partners or customers. An important aspect here is transparency and self-management.

cookie policy

Cookie Management

Cookies are one of the most important tools for storing behaviour and individual settings and thus for addressing the user personally. According to the EU’s e-privacy directive (cookie directive), the storage of this information is only permitted with the consent of the user. Before cookies can be set, users must actively consent, using a so-called opt-in procedure. The cidaas Cookie Consent Management provides- a so-called IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework solution, which can be individually tailored to your company. The cookie banner can be quickly, easily and completely customized for each website.

Cookie Consent Management with cidaas

Cookie Banner

Customized cookie classification

As a website operator you decide the cookie categories.

Cookie option selection

The free consent of individual cookies is particularly relevant for website visitors.

No preselection of cookies

This means that visitors can make self-determined decisions right from the start, without being told what to do.

contract sign

Blocking of all cookies

Unless the visitor of a website has given his consent to the use of cookies, cookies are blocked by the system. You are thus acting entirely in accordance with the EU’s e-privacy directive (Cookie Directive).

Full cookie banner customization

Customize your banner text, design, location and design to suit your needs.

High cookie transparency for your users

The simple and adjustable user interface informs your users and allows you to manage cookies on a granular level. In addition to the cookie opt-in option, there is always the option to opt-out.

Browser support for Cookie Management

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Android 4+

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Iphone 4S+

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tech 4

Chrome 14+

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Firefox 9+

tech 6

Safari 6+

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by consent management?

Consent Management refers to the GDPR -compliant collection, storage and administration of consumer consent to the processing of personal data. The collection of personal data by companies, e.g. for establishing contact, advertising or other purposes, serves the following purposes.

Which consents are covered by a so-called management tool?

In a Consent Management tool, declarations of consent, agreements, cookies, terms and conditions/ general terms and conditions and many other templates can be stored and individually designed.

Can a user revoke a consent or cookie once granted anytime?

Yes, according to the EU-GDPR the user has the right to revoke. Accordingly, companies must provide a function, e.g. in the form of a User Self Service in the Business Portal, with which users can call up and edit consents/cookies consents again at any time.

Which are the different cookie forms?

In general, there are three different cookie forms: – Session Cookie: the cookie is only used for the duration of the session. After closing the browser, the cookie is automatically deleted. – Permanent cookie: a permanent cookie that remains active after the browser is closed. This cookie can be used, for example, to store login data. – Third party cookie: this cookie is used to increase online marketing success. Here, for example, the surfing behaviour of the user is recorded in order to play out individual advertising to the user.

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