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The most important information about Customer Identity and Access Management at a glance.

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Access Token
The access token is part of the Auth2.0 standard. It is issued after successful login and contains information about the user's authorizations.

API / programming interface
API stands for Application Programming Interface. The term is used in software development and describes a programming interface. An interface enables communication and data transfer.

In an authentication process a person is verified as the person he or she claims to be. We authenticate ourselves several times at different apps and portals by logging in with our access data or other login procedures.

Authentication methods
The verification of a user's identity or the authentication of a user can be done in different ways. The most common authentication methods include conventional username/password entry, authentication using biometric factors such as face, fingerprint or voice, pattern-based authentication, smart push, time-based one-time password (TOTP), back-up codes, FIDO2, email, SMS and IVR-based authentication.

Authentication module
Module of an IAM that provides a specific authentication method and authenticates the user by checking the corresponding attributes assigned to the authentication method, thus authenticating the user in the positive case.

The authorization checks the permissions of a user, i.e. during this process, it is ensured that the user has the necessary rights to request a website, for example.