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The most important information about Customer Identity and Access Management at a glance.

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Identity and Access Management (IAM) is used internally in the company to set up and authorize employee access. In the meantime, a distinction is made between Enterprise IAM and Customer IAM.

An identity is a unique identifier for a person, organization, resource or service together with optional additional information (e.g. permissions, attributes). The identity includes uniquely identifying characteristics.

Identity management
Identity Management (Identity Management or ID- Management) is an administration area that deals with the identification of individuals in a system (for example country, network or company). It controls the access of individuals to a resource within the system by comparing user rights and restrictions with the defined identity.

Interceptor is a term used in software development. In Identity Management, for example, an Interceptor works as follows: The user calls up a URL in the browser and the front end then requests a backend service for the data. The Interceptor interacts with this service, checks whether the user is authenticated and authorised to retrieve the data and reacts accordingly.

IVR-based verification
IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response and is a speech dialog system. - The user receives a voice call on his registered device and has to enter the provided verification code to get his identity verified.