Digital access control system

Smart access control through real world identification

When is an access management system needed?

A secure and convenient access control system is needed where access is restricted in the real world. This includes access to company buildings, for example. This can also include access to events such as trade fairs or sporting events, to the open-air swimming pool or leisure park. With modern technologies such as Geofencing, NFC, Bluetooth, etc., cidaas enables you to implement smart access control and modern ticketing.

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user comfort
bequeme Authentifizierung in der Real World

Convenient authentication in the real world​​

Smart Access Control mit IoT-Device Management

Smart Access Control with IoT Device Management

Mehr Sicherheit durch MFA, Betrugserkennung u.V.m.

360° view through recognition of the user

Mehr Sicherheit durch
MFA, Betrugserkennung u.V.m.

More safety through MFA, fraud detection and much more

proaktive Berichterstattung

Proactive reporting


Digital access control system

Recognition along the entire user journey

The core element within the digitalization strategy is to recognise the user along the entire journey using an identity. If the user already comes from the digital world, you have the advantage of being able to continue to address him or her and retain his or her loyalty. It is equally important that if you get to know the user in the real world, you will continue to know him/her afterwards. Only as soon as you offer them a reason, i.e. added value, such as through the digital access control system, will you simply get to know them digitally. This allows you to address them in a context-related manner and offer them new added value. The blog article Corner Store 2.0. shows how Real World Identification in retail can look like. Find out more about how modern tickets ensure first-class, digital fan support.

This enables you to achieve a personalized approach through all your channels, more convenience and more security.

user comfort

Convenient authentication and smart access control

Modern localization technologies such as Geofencing, NFC (Near Field Communication) or Bluetooth enable you to recognize your users in the real world. Such technologies are already offered by most mobile devices like smartphones or wearables. These end devices, but also biometric methods, allow a comfortable Real-World Identification. As soon as the user is identified, it is checked whether he or she has the necessary access rights. If not, cidaas allows you to manage and add the rights and keep them up to date.

Coupled with the IoT device management integrated in cidaas, the entrances and admissions can be controlled.

Secure access through mfa, fraud detection and much more

By identifying, authenticating and authorizing the user with one identity across all channels, the integrated fraud detection can actively detect and report suspicious cases and, if necessary, trigger multi-factor authentication with cidaas’ convenient authentication methods. This gives you more security with excellent user comfort.

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Proactive reporting and logging

The Event-Driven Architecture from cidaas enables detailed logging of access, authentication and much more. This is especially important about security and subsequent control. Furthermore, webhooks can be used to proactively inform other systems or persons about events such as new registrations or suspicious behaviour.

The significance of modern access management

Digitales Zutrittsmanagement in der Medizin und Gesundheitsbranche einfach gemacht



In the healthcare sector, access management to rooms, especially in hospitals, is strictly governed. With cidaas you create a fine-grained assignment of rights and roles, secure access management and proactive information about unauthorized access and other events.

cidaas elektrisches Zutrittsmanagement in der Industrie



Production facilities or offices – cidaas provides you with a central authorization management system that authenticates users across all channels and controls access. This increases security and also allows you to issue temporary access regulations.

Check-In, Check-Out mit dem cidaas Zutrittsmanagment für den stationären Handel



By recognizing the customer across all channels, you create unique omnichannel experiences. Recognize customers at the entrance, offer new digital services e.g. at self-service terminals or realize new concepts like Click & Collect with cidaas. Learn more about digitalization of the point of sale.

Eine Identität über alle Kanäle - Elektronische Zutrittsmanagement für die digitale Welt der Freizeit



For each event, tickets are issued that enable the user to attend. This is nothing more than a temporarily valid authorisation on entry. With cidaas you enable this temporary authorization, you can also recognize the customer and gain a loyal customer

Digitales Zutrittsmanagement für die Energie - eine Identität über alle Kanäle



Employees must be given temporary access to the critical, physical infrastructure of an energy supplier. With cidaas these authorizations can be easily managed, access granted, automatically monitored and logged. You achieve more security and transparency.

Elektronisches Zutrittsmanagement von cidaas - eine Identität über alle Kanäle

Other industries

Other industries

The access control was primarily used as protection against unauthorized access. With cidaas you can achieve even more protected access through functions such as integrated fraud detection or MFA. Moreover, you can offer new added value and new services through Real World Identification.

API security in various business areas

Business to Consumer/ Customer

Use cidaas Real World Identification to offer new services. Identification at the point of sale allows you to address the customer contextually and leverage potential.

  1. Know your customer when they are standing in front of you. With the convenient, digital access control from cidaas, you can offer them added value, know them in real and digital form and continue to approach them contextually and personally.
  2. Or link the digital identity with the real one. With digital access control you create new benefits for your customers and learn more about them.

Business to Employee

Access to some workrooms, production facilities, computer centres is reserved for certain people for good reason and may only be temporary. With cidaas you create a modern authentication and authorization across all channels – even in the real world. You protect your resources with functions such as MFA and fraud detection and can quickly and easily grant, revoke or temporarily grant authorizations to people.

Einfache, schnelle & zentralisierte umsetzung

Frequently Asked Questions


What does Real World Identification mean?

Real World Identification means linking a person’s digital identities to their real identity. This enables the user to get recognized in the real world e.g. at entrances or near points of interest by modern technologies. Such technologies are already offered by our mobile devices such as smartphones or Wearables. These end devices, as well as biometric methods, allow a comfortable Real-World Identification and thus a contextual address to be realised.

Why is an access management system needed?

Instead of tickets, keys or chip cards, you can digitally manage and secure your accesses and identify your users uniformly across all channels. This creates more transparency for you and more convenience for your users. A secure and convenient access control system is needed where access is restricted in the real world. This includes, for example, access to company buildings and production facilities, and can also include access to events such as trade fairs, performances, concerts or sporting events. With modern technologies such as Geofencing, NFC, etc., cidaas enables you to implement smart access management.

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