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cidaas und das Büro am Draht werden Partner!
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cidaas and the Büro am Draht will be partners!

cidaas and the Büro am Draht will be partners!

With Büro am Draht, cidaas gains a partner who stands by its customers as a software service provider in every phase of digitisation. The partnership has evolved from a joint customer project.

We are delighted in having a partner in Büro am Draht who, as a modern software service provider, accompanies customers in every phase of the digital transformation – from digital strategy to the development of software and IT solutions to operational support.

The Büro am Draht is well versed with cidaas functions from single sign-on to multi-factor authentication and cidaas content management.

The partnership emerged from a joint customer project and it shows how long-term partnerships result from cool projects. Büro am Draht convinces with its expertise in all aspects of cidaas, as well as with great ideas and concepts for digitalisation – “It is important to see the big picture and understand how the different concepts and technologies interact – Büro am Draht is the perfect partner here” (Sadrick Widmann)

To more exciting projects!

authkit io dev tools
News, Press Releases EN – the cidaas Developer Tools for Identity & Access Management – the cidaas Developer Tools for Identity & Access Management offers various tools for Identity & Access Management. With, cidaas launches a new portal for easy integration and to work with cidaas.

cidaas as a modern Cloud Identity & Access Management System offers many features such as Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor or Passwordless Authentication (more about the cidaas Features Set). In addition to the standards OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect and SAML 2.0, the numerous SDKs and interceptors provided by cidaas or in open source ensure easy integration of cidaas into modern IT landscapes.

With the new Dev Tools for Identity & Access Management, which cidaas offers through, the integration and work with cidaas shall become even easier.

Tokens, especially access and ID tokens defined through OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect standards, are central elements in modern identity & access management solutions. Tokens are often mapped in JWT format, as in cidaas.

Token handling is one of the everyday tasks for developers, business analysts and often also technically savvy project leads. Therefore, cidaas offers a JWT decoder as the first feature on

Now that is live with a first MVP, the JWT Decoder, new features will be added continuously in the future.


Tschüss Passwort: Die Initiative für Passwortlose Authentifizierung
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cidaas takes initiative for password-less authentication –

cidaas takes initiative for password-less authentication –

With the initiative “Bye password! The future of login” cidaas is launching an initiative for passwordless authentication. From now on the campaign site can be found at

As a Cloud Identity & Access Management system, cidaas offers a wide range of authentication methods, including password-less authentication. This type of authentication has several advantages over the classic login with e-mail/username and password. In particular, authentication for users becomes much more comfortable and more secure. If one looks at some of the most common hacker attacks, these focus on identity theft in the context of the password. The most common hacker attacks and the meaning of passwords in this context were recently published by cidaas in a blog.

Identity Theft: The 3 most common hacker attacks
Learn More


Customers of cidaas already offer their users the possibility of passwordless authentication in almost all of Europe. With the initiative “Bye password! The future of login” cidaas wants to push this further and has therefore published the landing page In addition to some information on the various authentication methods, such as device biometrics (e.g. TouchID) or FIDO2, topics such as additional protection using multi-factor authentication or identity verification, as well as the possibility of a live test of password-less authentication are also offered.

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Unique customer experience thanks to the combination of offline and online worlds

Under the motto “Vision. Innovation. Prosperity. Retail creates value”, numerous retailers will meet on 20 and 21 November at the German Retail Congress 2019 in Berlin’s Maritim Hotel. Widas ID GmbH will also be present and will present the customer identity and access management suite cidaas in the accompanying Retail World. The trade fair appearance will be rounded off with a contribution by Managing Director and Chief Product Officer Sadrick Widmann on the subject of “Unique customer experience thanks to the combination of offline and online worlds” on the Brain Snack stage.

sadrick EN

The future is digital – this also applies to the stationary trade, which is still an important part of the German economy. However, one thing has become massively more important in recent years and that is the desire for a seamless transition between the online and offline worlds. Today, contact with customers must be channel-independent and the transition between the real and digital worlds as simple as possible. This is the only way for retailers to achieve the best possible shopping experience for their customers.

In order to achieve a targeted appeal to consumers, a sensible connection between the digital channels of a retailer and its stationary stores must be created. The aim here is to integrate the advantages that the digital world already offers into the stationary retail trade in order to create a convenient and consistent customer experience.

Sadrick Widmann deals with this topic in his lecture “Unique customer experience thanks to the combination of offline and online worlds”. He will present how efficiently designed identity management creates a 360-degree view of individual consumers and thus makes it possible to enter into a 1:1 communication – not only online, but also stationary. The end result is that the retailer can offer his customers a customer journey that is precisely tailored to the respective consumer.

Possible scenarios could be among others:

  • One identity across all channels – online and offline
  • Navigation of customers in the store according to their buying habits
  • Location-based and personalized messages with references to offers
  • Detailed reports on customer behavior – both in the store and on buying habits

If you would like to learn more, come to the Brain Snack stage at Retail World on 21 November at 10:35 a.m. or visit the cidaas team directly in the Berlin hall at Stand B10.

Press contact cidaas:
Nicole Bräuner
+49 (0) 7044 95103-155

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With ID Validator, cidaas launches an AI-based solution for complete digital identity verification

Widas ID GmbH, a German pioneer in the field of Customer Identity and Access Manage-ment, is expanding its identity suite cidaas with a feature that guarantees complete digital identity verification during an application or contract process.

With cidaas ID Validator, Widas ID GmbH launches a new component for its Customer Identity Suite cidaas, which provides companies with fast, secure, device-independent and seamless digital identity verification during the customer onboarding process.

This is attractive especially for banks and insurance companies, whose customers are increasingly demanding a fully digital application process, and also for the entertainment and telecommunications industry as well as for mobility and healthcare providers, who require, among other things, proof of the age of their customers.

Smooth digital onboarding is a key differentiator

Especially in the financial services industry, onboarding of customers, is the main issue – it is here that it is usually decided whether a prospective customer becomes a customer. Although winning new customers is regarded as one of the most expensive processes, very few of them now offer organizations the option of seamless onboarding across various devices.

With the cidaas ID Validator this is now possible, be it through smartphones or desktops. The identity verification including proof of age is completely digital and is possible from anywhere and at any time in a few minutes/less than two minutes. Algorithms compare the biometric features of a person with the existing ID document. With the help of artificial intelligence, the numerous security features are checked and validated in the shortest possible time.

The cidaas ID Validator implements the requirements of the laws and regulations on identity verification such as the eIDAS Regulation, the German Trust Services Act (VDG), the German Trust Services Regulation (VDV), as well as e.g. the Money Laundering Act (GWG), the Telecommunications Act (TKG) and the E-Government Act (EGovG). The corresponding certification is currently being undertaken.

Identity verification is integrated by default in the cidaas software suite, which has the advantage that identity verifications are securely managed in the customer’s user profile and subsequent identity checks only have to be repeated if necessary. However, the cidaas ID Validator can also be purchased and integrated as a stand-alone functionality.

Further information can be found here:

“Today, a good onboarding process is crucial for a relationship with the customer. In other words, without a smooth and stress-free onboarding, there will be no customer relationship. With the cidaas ID Validator, we have created a solution that will provide the desired “wow effect” for the customer through fully digital identity verification and can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems with the latest API technology,” explains Managing Director and Chief Product Officer Sadrick Widmann, pointing at the new component of the cidaas software suite.

About cidaas

cidaas stands for “Customer Identity as a Service” and delivers an out-of-the-box solution for standardized access control and identity management. Based on OAuth 2.0 and Open ID Connect standards, the cidaas software offers scalability, security, transparency, and flexibility to manage customer data. The cloud-based solution is an in-house product of Widas ID GmbH. The software is OpenID Connect certified, has the “Software hosted in Germany” seal of quality, and has received the “Best Of 2018” award from the “Initiative Mittelstand”, an initiative for small and medium-sized firms that honors exceptionally innovative IT solutions.

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it-sa: “All identities – one platform” – Cidaas by Widas ID GmbH shows how uniform identity management works

Wimsheim, September 2019

This year too, the Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) software cidaas by Widas ID GmbH will present itself at the it-sa – Europe’s leading trade fair for IT security. In Hall 10.1, Booth 309, the motto “All identities – one platform” holds what it promises and shows how all types of identities can be managed centrally on one platform.

a 8

“Identity and access governance is and will become an increasingly important factor for companies, regardless of their size and industry. Not only because data security and growing compliance requirements are key issues, but also because customers are becoming more demanding when it comes to user experience. With cidaas, we have developed a software suite that meets all these requirements out-of-the-box and puts the focus on customer identities,” says Sadrick Widmann, Managing Director and Chief Product Officer of cidaas.

From 8th to 10th October, the team from cidaas, a product of the Swabian Widas ID GmbH, will use best-practice examples to demonstrate how security processes, technologies and services can be successfully implemented and profitably interlinked in companies.
Those interested will also learn how:

  • Simple and secure management of customer identity and profile data
  • Secure and strong authorization using 2-factor authentication
  • Modern fraud and suspicion case detection using AI technology
  • An outstanding user experience
  • A GDPR-compliant and personalized customer interaction
  • The linking of the real and the digital world for the identification of identities

Can be implemented with Customer Identity and Access Management.

The Identity Management Tool cidaas is developed in Germany, uses local servers and offers the highest security standards. Its customers include apart from the leading Omnichannel retailer Conrad, also Germany’s largest Science Center, experimenta.

Interested parties can test the software suite live at the it-sa in Nuremberg and obtain information about application scenarios and product scope directly from CPO Sadrick Widmann (booth: 10.1-309).

Free tickets can be booked and appointments made in advance. A backgrounder and various whitepapers are also available for press representatives.

About Widas ID GmbH

Widas ID GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of WidasConcepts GmbH, a globally active IT service provider that has been supporting companies in digital transformation since 1997 and developing future-proof concepts in the areas of Big Data, Internet of Things, Web and Mobile Solutions. The company supports its customers strategically from the business analysis to the implementation of the complete solution for various platforms and devices. WidasConcepts transports the Bigger Picture of IT. The company with headquarters in Wimsheim near Stuttgart and branches in Munich, Essen, and Bangalore (India) currently employs around 120 people.

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Conrad enhances the digital shopping experience and centralizes identity management with cidaas

Against the backdrop of the complete relaunch of the Conrad eCommerce shops (, a system was sought that integrated the identities of customers and partners on a single platform. With cidaas, the Customer Identity and Access Management System of Widas ID GmbH, Conrad found the right solution to stay connected with business and personal customers via any channel, device or app.

The family-owned company, Conrad Electronic, from Upper Palatinate, has been one of the leading Omnichannel dealers for technical and electronic products since 1923. More than 3 million items are sold online or via stationery stores. In order to gear up its digital channels for the future and further improve its customers’ shopping experience, Conrad brought its technological world onto a central platform. The relaunch of the shops has created a modern eCommerce platform that is based on single-page applications and in the background, cidaas is used as the central identity management system.

Separate login for more data security

If a customer wants to register or log in to the shop ( today, the registration mask opens on a separate login page. The separate login solution offers the advantage, that the customer’s accounts are protected against unauthorized access by third parties. Cidaas uses special algorithms here, which, for example, based on location data or device usage, detect fraudulent attempts even before logging in and blocks access.

Pure shopping experience – Single Sign- On across all Conrad applications

A further advantage for customers is the Single-Sign-On Service available for the entire Conrad platform. Once logged in via the central login page, all other Conrad applications can be accessed without having to authenticate oneself again. The service goes one step further here: if the system recognizes that an account with the same credentials, e.g. the same name, already exists on a Conrad application, the customer is asked if the two user accounts should be linked. The result is that each customer has only one single identity across the entire Conrad platform and can, therefore, shop via all online channels with just one login.

Step-by-step integration of the existing customer base

The decisive criterion to opt for the Swabian product cidaas was not only the fact that it is a completely German product and that the customer data is also hosted in Germany but also the option to connect the existing user accounts from the previous user management system. In the course of many decades, millions of customer data had accumulated at Conrad, which was stored in different country-specific databases. Today, these are accessed by cidaas as a central identity platform via APIs. In this way, the existing functions and integrations of the previously used services can be retained.

Tobias Baumgart, leading expert in platform architecture and head of the eCommerce platform ( at Conrad Electronic, summarizes: “We chose cidaas because the flexible CIAM system helped us easily migrate to an advanced, digitized world. For example, by means of an individual connector, we can integrate existing user accounts into the Customer Identity Management system. Through cidaas, our private and business customers can always and everywhere stay in touch with us – no matter which channel, which device or app and integrate all new services.

About cidaas

cidaas stands for “Customer Identity as a Service” and delivers an out-of-the-box solution for standardized access control and identity management. Based on OAuth 2.0 and Open ID Connect standards, the cidaas software offers scalability, security, transparency and flexibility in the management of customer data. The cloud-based solution is an in-house product of Widas ID GmbH. The software is OpenID Connect certified, has the “Software hosted in Germany” seal of quality, and has been awarded the “Best OF 2018” rating by the “Initiative Mittelstand”, that honors particularly innovative IT solutions.

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Germany’s largest Science Center, experimenta, bundles user data with the cidaas Identity Platform

Experimenta GmbH relies on cidaas, the customer identity and access management system from Widas ID GmbH, to manage visitor data. The core objective of experimenta was to completely digitalize the ticketing process and to ensure the secure authentication of the users during the payment process in order to protect the sensitive data from misuse.

Experimenta is Germany’s largest science center. With the new building opened in March 2019, the world of science and knowledge offers its visitors a unique, scientific hands-on exhibition with 275 exhibits, four creative studios, nine laboratories as well as an observatory and the Science Dome, a combination of planetarium and theatre, on around 25,000 square metres. During the construction and renovation of experimenta, the main focus was on digitalizing the world of exhibition.

Consistent digital processes

A special wristband offers visitors the opportunity to create their own tours according to their personal preferences and interests and to store digital souvenirs in a “digital backpack”. These files can then be accessed from home through their personal accounts. In order to protect the data of this portal from unauthorized access and also to carry out the upstream processes, such as registration and payment of tickets securely and reliably, experimenta opted for the customer identity and access management solution, cidaas.

“As a Swabian company, we are delighted to have been able to join and support the relaunch of experimenta. Just as experimenta, Germany’s largest science center, presents a broad spectrum of future-oriented offerings for large and small researchers, cidaas, with its typical German spirit of innovation, takes visitor management into the digital future,” says Sadrick Widmann, Managing Director and Chief Product Officer of cidaas, summarizing the collaboration.

Screenshot 2019 07 09 at 6.31.42 PM
                          cidaas offers user-friendly registration and login options

Secure authentication methods protect visitors from data misuse

The reservation and purchase of tickets via the experimenta online ticket shop is now seamlessly digital. While previously, employees had to confirm the reservation request manually and transfer the data to facilitate payment of the tickets, today cidaas secures the sensitive data transferred during payment transactions and authenticates the payer uniquely. The system is based on the OAuth2.0 and OpenID Connect identity standards. Webhooks inform the surrounding systems about events that occur in individual applications. For example, the portal reports newly registered users to the CRM system in real time.

Various authentication methods are now available for the new registration as well as for the re-registration of visitors into personal user accounts.

  • Social Login via Facebook or Google: The data already stored on the social media channels are used for verification here.
  • Classic registration via username/password

Proactive email verification via an opt-in helps in eliminating fake identities and gives every visitor a unique digital identity throughout the portal.

Using the functionality of de-duplication, duplicate identities are recognized and can be merged by the account holder himself at the push of a button.

About cidaas

cidaas stands for Customer Identity as a Service and offers highly scalable and seamlessly integrable identity and access management. Widas ID GmbH’s cloud service is developed and hosted in Germany. cidaas provides highest security by using the standards OAuth2 and OpenID Connect for interface authentication. Strong multi-factor authentication methods (MFA), including biometric factors (finder print, face scan,…), are used to uniquely verify user identities. Widas ID GmbH has been offering “Software made in Germany” since 1997 and is based in Wimsheim near Stuttgart.

Sadrick Widmann
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Data protection as an opportunity

Wimsheim 22.05.2019

The discussion on the EU-GDPR is often held by companies in the context of restrictions on freedom of action and liability risk.

As is also made clear once again in the “Orierungshilfe der Aufsichtsbehörden zur Verarbeitung von personenbezogenen Daten für Zwecke der Direktwerbung unter Geltung der Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DS-GVO)” (Guidelines for Supervisory Authorities on the Processing of Personal Data for the Purposes of Direct Advertising under the Scope of the Basic Data Protection Regulation), advertising, whether in a postal, telephone or digital forum, is always subject to the consent of consumers.

An important note for companies is given here: “If personal data are collected directly from the data subject, e.g. for purchase and service contracts, brochure requirements or lotteries, the data subject must be informed comprehensively of the purposes of processing the data in accordance with Art. 13 (1) and (2) of the regulation. Any already planned or possible processing or use of the data for direct marketing purposes must, therefore, be transparently explained to the data subject from the very start”.

The collection of customer data supported by modern Big Data, which gives the customer the greatest possible transparency and security, is also an opportunity for companies to make their own processes more secure, more communicative and more productive, and is often overlooked by companies.

In particular, mid-sized companies that meet the legal requirements with a significantly improved user experience can secure competitive advantages. The capture, management, and communication of the “digital identity” of customers, partners, dealers, and employees play a key role in this. A centralized data protection and security policy through a modern user administration and digital consent management in the company is, therefore, a must.

The digital identity gives companies the opportunity to offer personalized services to customers or merchants, on the other hand, it allows the protection and customer-friendly management of personal data.

An appropriate Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) software solution facilitates communication with customers, companies and machines across all devices and simultaneously conforms to GDPR and, if necessary, to the requirements of the Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

The core of the EU-GDPR is that a user must be identifiable and be able to give his consent to the use of data and revoke it at any time. Compliance with the new data protection regulation, which requires that personal data must be factually correct and, if necessary, up to date in accordance with Art. 5 para. 1 d), can be implemented quickly and legally by a CIAM system, such as cidaas, since the customer can manage his data directly via a user self-service function. Through simple user management, customer profiles can also be deleted easily, if necessary also directly via the self-service by the customer himself, and thus comply with the right to deletion (Art. 13 EU-GDPR).

This secure and personalised customer interaction is relevant to a wide range of industries:

  • Banks and insurance companies
  • e-commerce
  • healthcare sector
  • education
  • Public administrations
  • Industry 4.0

The security of the data and the authentication of the identity are therefore essential.

This concerns incidentally the real, as well as the digital world. By authentication one understands the logging on to a system, be it for example digitally to a bank account, online shop or employee portal. Or also physically to a business premises, where the identity of the user is determined and verified. Particularly in the digital world, passwordless authentication is becoming more and more important. Identity is the unique identifier for a person, organization, resource or service. A modern Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) software based on Big Data technology not only manages the data, but also offers the corresponding authentication tool and enables, for example, the distribution of roles and access privileges for employee administration.

But even when it comes to protecting access to online shops, so-called “strong authentication” must be ensured. The basic EU data protection regulation (EU-GDPR) does not directly prohibit authentication with user name and password. However, it is explicitly demanded that personal data must be protected from unauthorized access. At the same time, user-friendliness becomes more and more important.

Multi-factor authentication ensures a high level of security through user profiling and biometric factors, as required by Art. 32 of the EU-GDPR.

Various methods can be used and combined for identification and authentication:

This includes specifically:

  • Facial Recognition: Identifies users with advanced biometric method using facial features
  • Speech recognition: Identification via voice
  • TouchID, FaceID, Android Fingerprint: Native methods of end devices
  • Pattern: Identification via a pattern drawn by the user
  • Push notification: Identification via accreditation only on the device used
  • TOTP: A unique, one-time code used for identification purposes.
  • Back-up code – In case a user does not have his mobile phone at hand
  • FIDO U2F USB-based security technology
  • Email
  • SMS
  • IVR – Verification codes by voice call

A two-factor authentication (2FA) – for example finger or face recognition with a password – offers the required “strong security”. If, in addition, strong predictive factors and big data analysis detect users with a high degree of security and built-in tools stop fraudulent attempts or suspicious activity, data protection requirements are sufficiently met.

CIAM requirements

A Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) software solution can be easily deployed for mid-sized companies. When deciding on a tool, various points should be considered:

  • Scalability – so that the software can be effortlessly adapted in line with business development.
  • Cloud software hosted on German servers for GDPR compliance and rapid automated updates
  • Standards such as OAuth2 and OpenID with Social Login or Single Sign On should also be part of the product scope.
  • Can be used in the digital world as well as in the real world – to have a comprehensive system. Because data fraud takes place often also by coworkers.
  • Easy integration into the existing security and CRM architecture.
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cidaas at Consumer Identity World APAC 2018, Singapore

Consumer Identity World APAC 2018 Vishwa

Mr. Vishwa Kiran, our CEO, WidasConcepts India Pvt. Ltd. will be a keynote speaker at Consumer Identity World, 2018. Listen to him share thoughtful insights on “Intelligence in refining customer Journey” in the session “A focus on user convenience and IT security using Big Data and Machine Learning” at the event that would be held in Singapore on 21st November.
You also have the opportunity to listen to Yael Widmann (cidaas Business Development), on 22nd November, share interesting thoughts on “The Future of CIAM, AI & Marketing Automation“ in the session titled “IoT Erodes the Identity of the End User- nevertheless meet customers´ expectations“.
Cidaas is a proud Gold sponsor of this Event.

Event Details

Visit us on 21st and 22nd November at the Exhibition Area, The Westin Hotel, 12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2, Singapore 018961.

To register, please visit: You can enter the code widas10, to avail a discount on the entry tickets.

For further questions, or additional information about our product, please contact us at
You can also call us at +49 (0) 7044 95103-100

We look forward to meeting you there!
Your team cidaas