cidaas und das Büro am Draht werden Partner!
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cidaas and the Büro am Draht will be partners!

cidaas and the Büro am Draht will be partners!

With Büro am Draht, cidaas gains a partner who stands by its customers as a software service provider in every phase of digitisation. Partnership has evolved from a joint customer project.

We are delighted in having a partner in Büro am Draht who, as a modern software service provider, accompanies customers in every phase of the digital transformation – from digital strategy to the development of software and IT solutions to operational support.

The Büro am Draht is well versed with cidaas functions from single sign-on to multi-factor authentication and cidaas content management.

The partnership emerged from a joint customer project and it shows how long-term partnerships result from cool projects. Büro am Draht convinces with its expertise in all aspects of cidaas, as well as with great ideas and concepts for digitalisation – “It is important to see the big picture and understand how the different concepts and technologies interact – Büro am Draht is the perfect partner here” (Sadrick Widmann)

To more exciting projects!

cidaas mobility
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cidaas joins hands with Wunder Mobility!

mobility 3

cidaas joins hands with Wunder Mobility!

cidaas establishes a partnership with Wunder Mobility who believes in creating and sharing the future of smart mobility with hardware and software solutions!

It is our great privilege to partner with Wunder Mobility to accelerate the global transition to sustainable mobility. Headquartered in Germany, Wunder Mobility is Europe’s fastest-growing mobility technology company. It offers ready-to-use solutions that enable enterprises and cities around the world to provide customers with a clean, convenient and barrier-free mobility experience.

So, how is barrier-free mobility possible?

cidaas ID Validator is a unique, informative and eIDAS-compliant solution created to reduce the obstacles as well as offer users a fast, secure and convenient onboarding process. Furthermore, driving license verification with the cidaas ID validator can be carried out independently from any device with a camera. With the help of modern AI technologies, automatic verification enables the user to be successfully authenticated without further ado.

Users are assured of a high level of security

The AI-based comparison of the extracted biometric data of the face and the driver license images ensure that only reliably identified users are granted access to the fleet.

The cidaas ID validator ensures cost-effective identification.

The whole process flow is highly efficient because the data obtained from the analysis is provided instantly to the requesting systems. Highest security and availability of the system is guaranteed in our own certified data centres.

Our association with Wunder Mobility is something we are excited about!

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Lower the hurdles and offer your users a fast, secure and comfortable on-boarding process with the cidaas ID Validator – now nothing stands in the way of the user.

authkit io dev tools
News, Press Releases EN – the cidaas Developer Tools for Identity & Access Management – the cidaas Developer Tools for Identity & Access Management offers various tools for Identity & Access Management. With, cidaas launches a new portal for easy integration and to work with cidaas.

cidaas as a modern Cloud Identity & Access Management System offers many features such as Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor or Passwordless Authentication (more about the cidaas Features Set). In addition to the standards OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect and SAML 2.0, the numerous SDKs and interceptors provided by cidaas or in open source ensure easy integration of cidaas into modern IT landscapes.

With the new Dev Tools for Identity & Access Management, which cidaas offers through, the integration and work with cidaas shall become even easier.

Tokens, especially access and ID tokens defined through OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect standards, are central elements in modern identity & access management solutions. Tokens are often mapped in JWT format, as in cidaas.

Token handling is one of the everyday tasks for developers, business analysts and often also technically savvy project leads. Therefore, cidaas offers a JWT decoder as the first feature on

Now that is live with a first MVP, the JWT Decoder, new features will be added continuously in the future.


Tschüss Passwort: Die Initiative für Passwortlose Authentifizierung
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cidaas takes initiative for password-less authentication –

cidaas takes initiative for password-less authentication –

With the initiative “Bye password! The future of login” cidaas is launching an initiative for passwordless authentication. From now on the campaign site can be found at

As a Cloud Identity & Access Management system, cidaas offers a wide range of authentication methods, including password-less authentication. This type of authentication has several advantages over the classic login with e-mail/username and password. In particular, authentication for users becomes much more comfortable and more secure. If one looks at some of the most common hacker attacks, these focus on identity theft in the context of the password. The most common hacker attacks and the meaning of passwords in this context were recently published by cidaas in a blog.

Identity Theft: The 3 most common hacker attacks
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Customers of cidaas already offer their users the possibility of passwordless authentication in almost all of Europe. With the initiative “Bye password! The future of login” cidaas wants to push this further and has therefore published the landing page In addition to some information on the various authentication methods, such as device biometrics (e.g. TouchID) or FIDO2, topics such as additional protection using multi-factor authentication or identity verification, as well as the possibility of a live test of password-less authentication are also offered.

cidaas tritt jetzt als Mitglied der Allianz für Cybersicherheit bei!
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cidaas now joins as a member of the Alliance for Cyber Security!

cidaas now joins as a member of the Alliance for Cyber Security!

cidaas now joins as a member of the Alliance for Cyber Security!

Since mid-July we are a member of the Alliance for Cyber Security. With this great news we want to take this opportunity to explain some of the points.

The Alliance for Cyber Security is an initiative of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). This platform was developed in cooperation with the German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications, and New Media. (BITKOM).

The Alliance for Cyber Security is a combination of a broad range of information on cybersecurity issues and a forum for cooperation with industry, authorities, research, and science, and other institutions.

Why is this membership so important to us? cidaas itself offers several functions to improve security against unauthorized access. For example, in the age of digitalization, the number of endpoints has increased dramatically, so the standardized API security provided by OAuth2.0 and OpenID Connect makes a critical contribution to protecting digital channels.

Tools such as secure, passwordless authentication methods, Multi-Factor-Authentication, and fraud detection & botnet detection are also used in the fight against cyber threats.

We are looking forward to the exchange, the discussions and are looking forward to making tomorrow’s world a safer place – now also as part of the Cyber Security Alliance.

SMART MFA - Multi-Faktor-Authentifizierung mit Komfort und Sicherheit
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European Cybersecurity Month 2020: cidaas participates with free webinar on Smart MFA

European Cybersecurity Month 2020: cidaas participates with free webinar on Smart MFA

European Cybersecurity Month 2020: cidaas participates with free webinar on Smart MFA

The ECSM (European Cyber Security Month) will start again in September 2020. The ECSM offers great activities to inform citizens and organisations about current risks and measures in the fight against cybercrime. Cidaas is participating with a free webinar on Smart MFA: multi-factor authentication with convenience and security

The European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) is an awareness campaign of the EU. The European Union Agency for Cyber Security (ENISA), the European Commission and its partners have been promoting this initiative once a year since 2012. In September, there will be exciting activities to watch. This event will look at cybersecurity from the perspective of both citizens and businesses. Its main purpose is to strengthen the security of personal, financial, or internal data and to provide citizens and businesses with measures and best practices to protect themselves online.

We are enthusiastic about the initiative. cidaas is also participating with a free webinar on

Smart MFA: multi-factor authentication with convenience and security on 29.09.2020
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We look forward to contributing to the ECSM and to an exciting exchange of ideas.

OIDC and OAuth2.0 with the Flutter SDK from cidaas
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OIDC and OAuth2.0 with the Flutter SDK from cidaas

Modern login to Flutter: Social Login, Single-Sign-On and Device Biometrics

OIDC and OAuth2.0 with the Flutter SDK from cidaas

With the cidaas Flutter SDK, it is now easy to connect cidaas as identity and access management and use functions such as device biometrics, social logins or multi-factor authentication.

Flutter is an open-source UI framework developed by Google. It is based on the programming language Dart and allows to build a native app for iOS, Android, and web and desktop apps with only one source code.

In identity management, OpenID connect and OAuth2.0 are the de facto standards for secure and reliable user identification and authorization.

The cidaas Flutter SDK is available on There we also show how easy it is to implement the authorization code flow to OIDC.

We will answer your questions:

  • How is the access_token stored securely?
  • How are the login and logout triggered?
  • How do I create Single Sign On easily?

With the cidaas Flutter SDK, you can also use Social Login procedures such as AppleID, Facebook and Device Biometrics authenticate.

Have fun with the development and contact us if you have any questions!

cidaas in der OpenID Foundation
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cidaas in the OpenID Foundation

cidaas and OpenID Connect - Membership

cidaas in the OpenID Foundation

cidaas enters the OpenID Foundation as a corporate member and gets the opportunity to participate in the future of identity management as a member of one of the leading organizations and to co-design the specifications.

Since the end of April, Widas ID GmbH, which is developing and operating one of the most modern Cloud Identity & Access Management Systems with cidaas, has been a corporate member of the OpenID Foundation, thereby emphasizing its support for the organization’s standards. The OpenID Foundation was founded in 2007 and is one of the leading organizations in the field of identity management.

As a member of the OpenID Foundation, cidaas is in a continuous interaction with other members, gaining early insight into current developments of the standards, new or changing market requirements and working together with the other members and the OpenID Foundation to develop the specifications. Our Chief Product Officer, Sadrick Widmann, aptly summarizes the benefits of membership in one sentence: “Through our membership, we not only create an advantage for cidaas, but also for our customers, who can access and influence the development of important standards through us!

The decision to become a member was made during strategic planning at the beginning of the year and paves the way for cidaas to become the leading Identity & Access Management provider in Europe.

We look forward to exciting discussions, excellent events and to shaping the future of identity management Emoji EmojiEmoji

If you want to know more about cidaas, then contact us via chat, contact form or simply by phone (+49 7044 95103100) or e-mail (

Extension for Typo3 login with cidaas
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Extension for Typo3 login from cidaas

Extension for Typo3 login from cidaas

Extension for Typo3 login with cidaas

Cidaas announces its integration capability as a login provider to popular Content Management System Typo3. Users who are looking at Typo3 – a flexible yet powerful CMS, can now enjoy the features of a secure, scalable and feature rich Cloud based Identity Management System – cidaas.

Typo3 CMS has been gaining grounds as flexibility and scalable enterprise-grade CMS. While looking at these solutions it becomes essential to evaluate secure Identity Management and Storage. It becomes essential to guard data privacy and compliance with standards. This is where cidaas – a Cloud-based Identity and Access System comes in.

cidaas can integrate seamlessly as a login provider, with extensions available on Typo3 Marketplace. To find one, all you need to do is search for cidaas in Typo3 Marketplace. Customers needing integration sign up with cidaas to get unique ClientID Reference. This can be then used in Typo3 extensions to now enable cidaas as Identity provider. More details with samples are provided on our Typo3 feature page or in the cidaas documentation.

Securing a CMS involves authentication and authorizing during every request. Cidaas offers this once it is configured with Typo3. Several modes of integrations allow cidaas and Typo3 to manage session state and authorized access to content. Various levels of consent requests can be delivered to end-users, simply by configuring in related cidaas account.

Immediately after integration, the CMS users can realize various types of login including most popular social providers like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more. What more is that one can enable Multi-Factor Authentication or Passwordless access with just change in configuration with cidaas system.

Cidaas is built on standard protocols and supports OAuth2.0, OpenID Connect and many more such auth standards. Under the hood, several Fraud Detection System keeps a watch on unsolicited activities when cidaas is integrated.

With cidaas gaining grounds as open standards-based Identity solution and Typo3 becoming one of the most popular open CMS, Customers can get the best of both worlds without needing to worry on the effort of integration. Commoditized Identity Management solution is gaining grounds allowing solutions to comply with GDPR and other such data privacy and standards without much effort.

You can find the cidaas extension for Typo3 in the Extensions Repository

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Exhibitor Mailer Cidaas1

Save the date: We are happy to present our CIAM product, cidaas at the IT-SA 2019 summit that is to be held at Grande, Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India on the 15th and 16th of May, 2019. The it-sa security expo is a platform where the latest on cloud, mobile and cyber security as well as data and network security are showcased and discussed.

Watch this space for more in the coming days!

cidaas stands for “Customer Identity as a Service” and delivers an out-of-the-box solution for standardized Access control and Identity management. Based on OAuth 2.0 and Open ID Connect Standards, the cloud-based solution is an in-house product of WidasConcepts GmbH.

For further questions, or additional information about our product, please contact us at You can also call us directly at +49 (0) 7044 – 95103-100 or visit us at:

We look forward to meeting you there!

Your team cidaas