Germany’s largest Science Center, experimenta, bundles user data with the cidaas Identity Platform

Experimenta GmbH relies on cidaas, the customer identity and access management system from Widas ID GmbH, to manage visitor data. The core objective of experimenta was to completely digitalize the ticketing process and to ensure the secure authentication of the users during the payment process in order to protect the sensitive data from misuse.

Experimenta is Germany’s largest science center. With the new building opened in March 2019, the world of science and knowledge offers its visitors a unique, scientific hands-on exhibition with 275 exhibits, four creative studios, nine laboratories as well as an observatory and the Science Dome, a combination of planetarium and theatre, on around 25,000 square metres. During the construction and renovation of experimenta, the main focus was on digitalizing the world of exhibition.

Consistent digital processes

A special wristband offers visitors the opportunity to create their own tours according to their personal preferences and interests and to store digital souvenirs in a “digital backpack”. These files can then be accessed from home through their personal accounts. In order to protect the data of this portal from unauthorized access and also to carry out the upstream processes, such as registration and payment of tickets securely and reliably, experimenta opted for the customer identity and access management solution, cidaas.

“As a Swabian company, we are delighted to have been able to join and support the relaunch of experimenta. Just as experimenta, Germany’s largest science center, presents a broad spectrum of future-oriented offerings for large and small researchers, cidaas, with its typical German spirit of innovation, takes visitor management into the digital future,” says Sadrick Widmann, Managing Director and Chief Product Officer of cidaas, summarizing the collaboration.

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cidaas offers user-friendly registration and login options

Secure authentication methods protect visitors from data misuse

The reservation and purchase of tickets via the experimenta online ticket shop is now seamlessly digital. While previously, employees had to confirm the reservation request manually and transfer the data to facilitate payment of the tickets, today cidaas secures the sensitive data transferred during payment transactions and authenticates the payer uniquely. The system is based on the OAuth2.0 and OpenID Connect identity standards. Webhooks inform the surrounding systems about events that occur in individual applications. For example, the portal reports newly registered users to the CRM system in real time.

Various authentication methods are now available for the new registration as well as for the re-registration of visitors into personal user accounts.

  • Social Login via Facebook or Google: The data already stored on the social media channels are used for verification here.
  • Classic registration via username/password

Proactive email verification via an opt-in helps in eliminating fake identities and gives every visitor a unique digital identity throughout the portal.

Using the functionality of de-duplication, duplicate identities are recognized and can be merged by the account holder himself at the push of a button.

About cidaas

cidaas stands for Customer Identity as a Service and offers highly scalable and seamlessly integrable identity and access management. Widas ID GmbH’s cloud service is developed and hosted in Germany. cidaas provides highest security by using the standards OAuth2 and OpenID Connect for interface authentication. Strong multi-factor authentication methods (MFA), including biometric factors (finder print, face scan,…), are used to uniquely verify user identities. Widas ID GmbH has been offering “Software made in Germany” since 1997 and is based in Wimsheim near Stuttgart.

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