cidaas and the Büro am Draht will be partners!

With Büro am Draht, cidaas gains a partner who stands by its customers as a software service provider in every phase of digitisation. The partnership has evolved from a joint customer project.

We are delighted in having a partner in Büro am Draht who, as a modern software service provider, accompanies customers in every phase of the digital transformation – from digital strategy to the development of software and IT solutions to operational support.

The Büro am Draht is well versed with cidaas functions from single sign-on to multi-factor authentication and cidaas content management.

The partnership emerged from a joint customer project and it shows how long-term partnerships result from cool projects. Büro am Draht convinces with its expertise in all aspects of cidaas, as well as with great ideas and concepts for digitalisation – “It is important to see the big picture and understand how the different concepts and technologies interact – Büro am Draht is the perfect partner here” (Sadrick Widmann)

To more exciting projects!

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