With ID Validator, cidaas launches an AI-based solution for complete digital identity verification

Widas ID GmbH, a German pioneer in the field of Customer Identity and Access Manage-ment, is expanding its identity suite cidaas with a feature that guarantees complete digital identity verification during an application or contract process.

With cidaas ID Validator, Widas ID GmbH launches a new component for its Customer Identity Suite cidaas, which provides companies with fast, secure, device-independent and seamless digital identity verification during the customer onboarding process.

This is attractive especially for banks and insurance companies, whose customers are increasingly demanding a fully digital application process, and also for the entertainment and telecommunications industry as well as for mobility and healthcare providers, who require, among other things, proof of the age of their customers.

Smooth digital onboarding is a key differentiator

Especially in the financial services industry, onboarding of customers, is the main issue – it is here that it is usually decided whether a prospective customer becomes a customer. Although winning new customers is regarded as one of the most expensive processes, very few of them now offer organizations the option of seamless onboarding across various devices.

With the cidaas ID Validator this is now possible, be it through smartphones or desktops. The identity verification including proof of age is completely digital and is possible from anywhere and at any time in a few minutes/less than two minutes. Algorithms compare the biometric features of a person with the existing ID document. With the help of artificial intelligence, the numerous security features are checked and validated in the shortest possible time.

The cidaas ID Validator implements the requirements of the laws and regulations on identity verification such as the eIDAS Regulation, the German Trust Services Act (VDG), the German Trust Services Regulation (VDV), as well as e.g. the Money Laundering Act (GWG), the Telecommunications Act (TKG) and the E-Government Act (EGovG). The corresponding certification is currently being undertaken.

Identity verification is integrated by default in the cidaas software suite, which has the advantage that identity verifications are securely managed in the customer’s user profile and subsequent identity checks only have to be repeated if necessary. However, the cidaas ID Validator can also be purchased and integrated as a stand-alone functionality.

Further information can be found here: https://www.cidaas.com/id-validator

“Today, a good onboarding process is crucial for a relationship with the customer. In other words, without a smooth and stress-free onboarding, there will be no customer relationship. With the cidaas ID Validator, we have created a solution that will provide the desired “wow effect” for the customer through fully digital identity verification and can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems with the latest API technology,” explains Managing Director and Chief Product Officer Sadrick Widmann, pointing at the new component of the cidaas software suite.

About cidaas

cidaas stands for “Customer Identity as a Service” and delivers an out-of-the-box solution for standardized access control and identity management. Based on OAuth 2.0 and Open ID Connect standards, the cidaas software offers scalability, security, transparency, and flexibility to manage customer data. The cloud-based solution is an in-house product of Widas ID GmbH. The software is OpenID Connect certified, has the “Software hosted in Germany” seal of quality, and has received the “Best Of 2018” award from the “Initiative Mittelstand”, an initiative for small and medium-sized firms that honors exceptionally innovative IT solutions.

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