Modern login to Flutter: Social Login, Single-Sign-On and Device Biometrics

OIDC and OAuth2.0 with the Flutter SDK from cidaas

With the cidaas Flutter SDK, it is now easy to connect cidaas as identity and access management and use functions such as device biometrics, social logins or multi-factor authentication.

Flutter is an open-source UI framework developed by Google. It is based on the programming language Dart and allows to build a native app for iOS, Android, and web and desktop apps with only one source code.

In identity management, OpenID connect and OAuth2.0 are the de facto standards for secure and reliable user identification and authorization.

The cidaas Flutter SDK is available on There we also show how easy it is to implement the authorization code flow to OIDC.

We will answer your questions:

  • How is the access_token stored securely?
  • How are the login and logout triggered?
  • How do I create Single Sign On easily?

With the cidaas Flutter SDK, you can also use Social Login procedures such as AppleID, Facebook and Device Biometrics authenticate.

Have fun with the development and contact us if you have any questions!

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