Modern login in Flutter: Social Login, Single-Sign-On and Device Biometrics

Modern login to Flutter: Social Login, Single-Sign-On and Device Biometrics

Social Logins, Device Biometrics, Single-Sign-on – For users, comfortable access is essential so that they can use an app smoothly and repeatedly. What is possible with the new cidaas Flutter SDK and how it works we will reveal in this blog.

The new Google SDK makes it possible to develop beautiful native apps for iOS and Android with only one codebase. The cross-platform framework Flutter makes the development of applications fast and efficient because besides iOS and Android Flutter can also be used to build web and desktop apps. A modern login in Flutter must not be missing.

To inspire users with convenient access to the apps, the cidaas SDK makes it easy to build a modern login screen in Flutter, integrate popular authentication methods such as social login or device biometrics and create a single sign-on.

Based on the de facto standards OAuth2.0 and OpenID Connect, reliable, standardized authentication and authorization of the user is enabled. In addition, the SDK implicitly stores the id_tokens securely so that your apps and the endpoints are carefully secured. The cidaas Flutter SDK can be downloaded via Pub, the package manager for Dart. The integration guide and the link to our sample project can be found here.

Once the cidaas Flutter SDK is integrated, multiple Fraud Detection Systems below the hood will detect suspicious activity. This allows e.g. a smart multi-factor authentication to be implemented directly.

Via webhooks, events such as a new registration or the detected suspicious behavior can be forwarded to the CRM, the Marketing Automation System or the SIEM.

In our Docs you will learn how to configure the app, activate the authentication procedures and in the next step recognize your users in the real world.

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