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cidaas in the OpenID Foundation

cidaas enters the OpenID Foundation as a corporate member and gets the opportunity to participate in the future of identity management as a member of one of the leading organizations and to co-design the specifications.

Since the end of April, Widas ID GmbH, which is developing and operating one of the most modern Cloud Identity & Access Management Systems with cidaas, has been a corporate member of the OpenID Foundation, thereby emphasizing its support for the organization’s standards. The OpenID Foundation was founded in 2007 and is one of the leading organizations in the field of identity management.

As a member of the OpenID Foundation, cidaas is in a continuous interaction with other members, gaining early insight into current developments of the standards, new or changing market requirements and working together with the other members and the OpenID Foundation to develop the specifications. Our Chief Product Officer, Sadrick Widmann, aptly summarizes the benefits of membership in one sentence: “Through our membership, we not only create an advantage for cidaas, but also for our customers, who can access and influence the development of important standards through us!

The decision to become a member was made during strategic planning at the beginning of the year and paves the way for cidaas to become the leading Identity & Access Management provider in Europe.

We look forward to exciting discussions, excellent events and to shaping the future of identity management Emoji EmojiEmoji

If you want to know more about cidaas, then contact us via chat, contact form or simply by phone (+49 7044 95103100) or e-mail (

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