Accessing shopware with the help of cidaas

Shopware Login: Single Sign On, Social Login, passwordless

Identifying, acknowledging and personally addressing customers enables an excellent customer experience. As a result, customers like to return to the attractive online shop again and again.

Shopware is one of the most popular shop systems in Germany. Functionalities can be easily extended here via Shopware plug-ins. Functions related to customer identity should not be missing.

Just as easily as you have been able to expand your shop system so far, you can now offer your customers social logins, single sign-on or even passwordless authentication such as TouchID just as quickly.

You can find our plugin in the Shopware Store and we show you in our Docs how the integration is done amazingly fast.

Thus, you achieve more user comfort and above all security through fraud detection, multi-factor authentication, reliable authentication and fine-grained permissions.

cidaas is the most innovative Identity and Access Management, with which you can inspire your customers through all your channels.

  • Choose one or more of 16 different modern authentication methods and allow your users to log in effortlessly.
  • Your users can stay logged in.
  • You can obtain GDPR-compliant consent during registration and login
  • With cidaas you identify your customers uniformly on your Shopware online shop and on all your other channels.
  • Your channels become even more secure.

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