„Hallo modernes Login“

Recap of E-Commerce Week 2020 – “Securing digital channels.

At the beginning of May we were part of E-Commerce Week 2020 with the presentation “Securing digital channels. Bye password, hello modern login!”.
Sadrick Widmann showed how important the passwordless login is for security. Which password alternatives do users want to be offered today and, how do our customers use this important feature of cidaas to inspire their customers?

Especially in e-commerce, companies are now being targeted by cyber criminals very quickly, yet at the same time customer expectations regarding outstanding comfort are enormous.

We have summarized the following points of E-Commerce Week for you:

1. Passwords are no longer up to date.

Nowadays, users have numerous accounts with various portals and it is impossible to remember strong, complex passwords. As a result, the same passwords or just simple passwords are used quite often.

Even the BSI withdrew its recommendation for password guidelines. We believe this is a clear sign of passwords no longer being up-to-date, insufficient for high security and above all leading to bad user comfort.

2. We are already using modern, password-free procedures

TouchID, FaceID, the fingerprint sensor, or the voice recognition of the laptop or the smart home device – these are all already the common authentication methods that users are using every day. Hardware manufacturers quickly noticed that passwords and PINs are annoying with mobile devices. Biometric methods are practical alternatives.

However, procedures such as SMS (mTAN) or push codes are also reliable password alternatives for transaction releases in banking.

3. How Conrad inspires its users with passwordless authentication

cidaas integration in Conrad

Read the Conrad reference story to find out how Conrad is using cidaas to provide an excellent user experience to its customers.

Did you miss our E-Commerce Week presentation? Our next series of webinars are coming up soon or we will talk about your opportunities with cidaas and your requirements in a personal meeting.

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