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Are you running your WordPress Site with adequate security? Do you want to encourage your customers to use the login of their choice., say social login, password-less, or do you need to enforce additional protection like Multi-Factor Authentication, identify Brute Attacks/malware and stop them from affecting your website?

What if you are running multiple websites, and keeping a list of users in sync would be a challenge, and would you appreciate if all your users can be managed in one place, moreover allowing them to use the same user credentials to log in to all your websites?

Here is what cidaas can help you. cidaas, is one of the fastest upcoming quality product entering the enterprise space as a Cloud-based Identity Systems. Integrating your WordPress Website or any complex web system with cidaas will immediately enhance the security as well as login related experiences of your users. It comes with a long list of social providers that can be enabled during login while following secure protocols & standards. End-user can benefit from this convenience of not needing to sit and fill a huge registration screen, but simply use their already existing profiles on socially significant providers like LinkedIn, Google, or any such.

Why cidaas?

cidaas integration to CMS is only a few minutes if not an hour and with that, the samurai of authentication & authorization is put to work. cidaas secure user information storage, secure authentication and comply with authorization standards like OpenIDConnect or OAuth 2.0 standards.

Authentication is not fun to write. cidaas has Authentication and User Management API that allows you to develop your apps faster and cidaas will take care of login headache. Our API and SDKs make it easy for you to authenticate, manage, and secure your users in no time.

With all these superior security features, cidaas offers absolutely free Starter pack which will allow you to have 10000 active users for $0.

Mitigate the problem before it arises, secure your website communication using HTTPS and OAuth 2.0.

Please visit this page for the WordPress plugin that replaces the WordPress login form with the cidaas Sign-In Widget!

Once you install and activate this plugin, the next time you try to log in to WordPress, you’ll instead see the cidaas sign-in page.

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