New Age Solutions for securing your CMS!

CMS has been gaining ground as flexibility and scalable enterprise options to host websites. Once the content is generated, the next immediate questions become securing it. Being digital and being online poses threats that are wide and varied. Often homegrown solutions are used to secure access to content. Then we lead to the question of why look at a product to secure?

Why an Identity Management Product?

With new-age threats on data breach and privacy issues, it often becomes necessary to constantly update and secure against new vulnerabilities. the risk with a homegrown authentication solution is that once commissioned, it is never upgraded to watch against new threats. Often newer technology standards and best practices get published but it becomes impossible for customers to keep track of changes and updates.

New Age Solutions for securing your CMS!

Enter an enterprise Identity Management product! – and all the above issues are resolved as a byproduct. The main aim of such products is to secure user information storage, secure authentication, and comply with authorization standards like OpenIDConnect or OAuth 2.0 standards. New age products are designed to run with any web platforms like your favorite CMS like Typo3 or WordPress, without needing a heavy footprint. Techniques are too leveraged to configure various features online, with reverse URI references to your system. User authentication and authorization is almost transparent to the end-user, that the challenge-response is done without them noticing the involvement of another product. Cloud-based identity and access management product brings you the convenience of a minimal footprint on your system as well as the onus of bulletproofing security of identities and authentication requests.

Cidaas – is one of the fastest upcoming quality product entering the enterprise space as a cloud-based Identity Systems. Integrating your CMS or any complex web system immediately enhances security as well as login related experiences of you users. It comes with a long list of social providers that can be enabled during login while following secure protocols & standards. End-user can benefit this convenience of not needing to sit and fill a huge registration screen, but simply use their already existing profiles on socially significant providers like LinkedIn, google or many such.

Cidaas integration to CMS is only few minutes if not an hour and with that the samurai of authentication & authorization is put to work. Product comes with features like Groups, roles to customize access to your resources. Often CMS systems need to run with varying privileges right identification and access rights becomes key.

Advanced security

Quite often it becomes essential to perform secondary verification when a more confidential task needs to be carried out. cidaas provides out of the box capabilities for Multi Factor Authentiation (MFA, 2FA). A user has liberty to choose numerous ways from OTP, fingerprint, face, video recognition as their secondary proof of identification if system detects any need to throw MFA challenge. Many more conveniences like passwordless access can be easily extended to end users of any integrated CMS / cloud platforms.

Last but not least, cidaas has under its hood, several Fraud Detection System working overtime to keep a watch on unsolicited activities when integrated. This gives the peace of mind to end users to focus on their productive work without fear of data threats. Integration can be achieved by configuring your CMS with cidaas using unique client ID.
Never has it been easier to secure and enhance login experience for popular platforms!

cidaas face recognition

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