Digital Markets Act for SMEs - how do I make the most of my opportunities with Customer Identity & Access Management?

Digital Markets Act for SMEs – how do I make the most of my opportunities with Customer Identity & Access Management?

In this blog post, we will explore the importance of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in relation to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and look at how a Customer Identity & Access Management solution, such as cidaas, can play a crucial role in the transformation process to a user-friendly and successful business. For SMEs, the Digital Markets Act aims to create a level playing field that ensures fair competition with all players in the digital market. The DMA helps prevent anti-competitive practices by gatekeepers, promotes transparency, and protects consumers’ interests.A major challenge for SMEs is often limited resources. Unlike larger companies, they often struggle with small budgets and fewer employees. This can make it difficult to effectively implement and manage complex IT systems and security measures. Implementing digital transformations thus seems impossible for many.However, this is no reason to bury your head in the sand. Companies, like cidaas, already offer in the basic features, through which, in small steps, a unique digital solution matures.

Why cidaas for SMEs?

Knowing your customer and the corresponding customer behavior is crucial to be competitive in the digitalized, fast-paced world.

With cidaas, companies can effectively manage customer identities, control access to various digital platforms and implement secure authentication processes. cidaas offers a comprehensive (C)IAM solution that combines features to improve user experience, streamline operations, and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.
cidaas offers the right service package for companies of all industries and sizes.
This enables affected businesses to achieve a cost-effective, scalable, and digital transformation, and to choose the plan that best fits their businesses. cidaas sets the goal to grow together and provide (Customer) Identity & Access Management for your needs.

“Integrate easily, scale flexibly & individually” is cidaas’ motto when it comes to integrating with your system. With cidaas, Widas ID GmbH provides a modern, innovative Access & Identity Management as a Service – out-of-the-box.

Based on OAuth2.0 and OpenID Connect, cidaas can be smoothly integrated into your solutions. In the cidaas documentation you get a clear insight into all technical information and are informed about new updates. We are happy to support you with the integration into your system. Inhouse or with a selected partner we put your requirements in the focus of the integration.

Which requirements are really crucial for SME’s:

Data protection as a trust factor:

Compliance with data protection regulations, such as the GDPR, are a challenge for all businesses, regardless of size. However, SMEs often lack the resources and expertise to navigate the complex landscape of data protection and ensure compliance.

cidaas helps companies meet their compliance requirements by providing integrated data protection and consent management capabilities. With cidaas, SMBs can easily obtain and manage user consent for data processing, track consent history, and ensure transparency of their data processing practices. In addition, cidaas enables companies to prove accountability through reporting, simplifying the compliance process.
Data protection as a trust factor

Even for small or medium-sized businesses, personal data is precious.
SME’s are increasingly being targeted.
cidaas offers advanced authentication methods. This increases security significantly because customers have to authenticate not only with a password but also with another factor (Multi Factor Authentication). So your customers and your company will be increasingly protected.

Best user experience for your customers:

What makes big players, like Amazon, so popular compared to many small online stores? All in all: an easy checkout process and outstanding user-friendliness.

With a user-friendly login, even small and medium-sized businesses can guide their users quickly, securely and conveniently through the registration or login process and offer a high level of user-friendliness.

Here, in addition to single sign-on, social login or a passwordless login, progressive registration can also be used. Instead of requesting customer information with a single registration form – with many, unmanageable fields – you can request relevant information in blocks, one after the other. This allows you to divide the query of e.g. e-mail, password, name (first name, last name), date of birth and address into individual steps and enrich the customer profile bit by bit without annoying the user with long filling processes. This can be optimally implemented in both B2C and B2B environments.

cidaas also enables companies to adapt the user interface to their own brand guidelines by means of white labeling. This ensures a consistent brand experience.

Overall, cidaas helps improve the user experience by simplifying the sign-up process, offering self-service options, and providing a customizable user interface.

One identity across all channels:
With cidaas, you create one identity for your customers across all channels.

Through cidaas mechanisms, you can securely merge multiple accounts and use de-duplication to ensure a unique, digital customer identity.

As already mentioned in the Progressive Registration context, the goal should be to know your own customer as well as possible. You enable this by allowing your customer to set preference in their user profile. A central identity allows SMBs to synchronize customer data in real time and ensure that all channels are always up to date. This prevents inconsistencies or duplicate records and improves data quality.

Overall, it enables a seamless and personalized customer experience across all channels while increasing efficiency and ensuring security.


With its enhanced security, simplified authentication, and seamless customer experience, cidaas CIAM, provides a valuable solution for companies looking to sustainably compete in today’s digital landscape.

In addition to compliance, cidaas empowers SMEs to deliver personalized and seamless user experiences across multiple touchpoints. Through features such as customer data consolidation and single sign-on, cidaas simplifies the customer journey, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

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