Digitalization in the healthcare sector: HASOMED & cidaas join forces for digital progress in the healthcare industry

Digitalization in healthcare sector: HASOMED & cidaas join forces for digital progress in the healthcare industry

Together with cidaas, HASOMED GmbH takes the next step in digital transformation.HASOMED – Hard- und Software für Medizin Gesellschaft mbH – is an agile, internationally active medical technology and software company based in Magdeburg.

HASOMED was founded in 1991 by Dr. Peter Weber and has been managed by his son Matthias Weber since 2017. In the meantime, more than 160 people work at HASOMED. With the vision “We help to heal”, HASOMED sustainably supports the recovery process of people through its actions.

The foundation of HASOMED is formed by intelligent solutions in the three core areas of practice management, practice safety and therapy-accompanying additional services:

    • Practice: The certified practice software Elefant® supports psychotherapists in the comprehensive organization of their practices. It is used by more than 13,000 customers every day. Additional modules round off the offering.
    • Therapy: With RehaCom®, a system for computer-assisted cognitive therapy, HASOMED is the global market leader
    • Security: HASOMED is a reliable partner when it comes to IT security in medical practices. With the IT security package HASOMED PraxisProtect®, many requirements for a secure practice can already be met.

With cidaas, HASOMED is now taking the next step and building a unified cloud identity & access management platform.

This includes the use of the following cidaas features:

      • Uniform login with single sign-on across all channels.
      • Multi-factor authentication as the most important tool for protecting data.
      • Passwordless authentication process, which allow a user to be authenticated without a password.
      • Progressive profiling, which helps to make registration easy and smooth for customers.
      • User Groups features, which allows structured grouping of user accounts.
      • And many more.

The collaboration with cidaas enables to provide a comprehensive white label solution for authentication in the OIDC standard, including FIDO2 support, to offer customers an even more secure and user-friendly experience. With the integration of cidaas, HASOMED thus sets another milestone in its digital transformation.