cidaas digitale identitatsprufung

Digital identity verification

Digital identity verification using artificial intelligence and machine learning

How does the digital identity verification
work with the cidaas ID Validator?


1. ID Card-Scan

The type of badge is initially recognized and then checked for validity using badge-specific security features. Personal and biometric data are extracted, and the validity is analysed.


2. Facial Recognition

The artificial intelligence scans specific biometric data of the face and excerpts them for identity verification. It also verifies the authenticity of a person based on facial expressions and gestures.


3. Intelligent analysis

An intelligent comparison of the extracted biometric data of the face and the ID card image takes place to verify the identity. The front & the back sides of the ID card are compared for data consistency.

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Test the cidaas ID validator live

Try the digital identity verification with the AutoIdent by cidaas ID validator live in our demo environment

Digital identity verification with the
cidaas ID Validator as an example


AI algorithms for safe authentication

Using machine learning, disruptive factors such as blurred images can be permanently eliminated and new attack scenarios for potential identity theft can be constantly identified. Artificial Intelligence not only compares unique aspects of the ID card with the real person, it also verifies the presence of the specific security features of ID cards, such as holograms. This enables consistent, objective and digital identification. An additional important factor in digital identity verification, is the processing of all personal data in compliance with the German Data Protection Regulation Act (DSGVO) and the eIDAS-compliant identity verification.


Unique, comfortable user experience

Users receive a phenomenal and unique user experience, because of the simple verification process. It has never been easier and more convenient to verify in a digital way. Neither analog nor digital contact with other people is required for identity verification. The verification, for e.g. a conclusion of a contract, can, therefore, be carried out at any time and any place, on any camera- and internet-enabled device. Convenience has never been so simple.

Significant reduction of process costs

This latest invention enables companies to make noticeable savings in process costs, as the costs per identification case are significantly reduced. The outsourcing of external manpower can be reduced or even eliminated. Internal employees increase their work efficiency by reducing physical customer liaison and support, e.g. for contract signing. Additionally, the entire workflow becomes more efficient, as the data obtained from the analysis is immediately available to the right systems.


Higher conversions for various applications

Digitale Identitätsprüfung in der Finanzdienstleistungsbranche

Financial service provider

Financial service provider

Fast identity verification, for instance for the flexible opening of accounts, the safe transfer of large sums of money or the taking out of loans.

Digitale Identitätsprüfung in der Medizinbranche



Conclude or extend insurance online contracts conveniently, quickly and secure.

Digitale Identitätsprüfung in  der Automobilbranche

Automobile industry

Automobile industry

Digital identity proof in form of a driver’s licence for example rental cars, car sharing or leasing. Mobile has never been so safe!

Digitale Identitätsprüfung in der Unterhaltungsindustrie

Entertainment industry

Entertainment industry

No more fake profiles! Identity checks for applications, proof of age for entertainment content and leisure activities with age restrictions (e.g. gambling or age-restricted film content).

Digitale Identitätsprüfung für Hochschule, Schulen und Bildungsplattormen

Educational sector

Educational sector

Online verification for students for applying for digital exams or to enroll for the first time.

Digitale Identitätsprüfung im Handel



Conclude credit agreements easily and conveniently during the ordering process and indulge in dream products. Also, the conclusion of mobile phone contracts or the creation of customer and shopping credit cards is no longer a problem.

Digital identity verification in various business sectors



Goodbye to long queues and endless phone calls. Users of the cidaas ID Validator experience maximum user comfort. Convenient, efficient business processes lead to greater customer satisfaction and increase brand loyalty. Contracts can be concluded completely online, eliminating disruptive factors in a customer journey and removing obstacles. The time saved by companies is also enormous and employees can work even more efficiently.


To ensure that users of critical portals and systems are securely authenticated, reliable digital identity verification is essential, e.g.:

  • from different suppliers, distributed or even located abroad
  • Employees who are based at various locations or external employees
  • If certificates of competence have to be checked, if necessary, the authorities or official interfaces are required

Businesses can protect themselves from fraudsters with strong identity verification using ID Validator and conduct business securely online. This saves some processes, such as physical contracting, visits to headquarters, or on-site meetings.


Employees gain access to important internal information, critical portals, systems and services, such as company cars, and require secure, reliable authentication, e.g.
  • of employees who are located at the various sites or external staff without having to come to headquarters.
  • with the driver’s licence, so that the company car is in the right, safe hands

Frequently Asked Questions

what you ever wanted to know about online identity verification

What is a digital identity?

An identity is indispensable for the unambiguous identification of persons in a society that is becoming more and more complex and interacting with each other. Identity is composed of possession, knowledge and being.

  • Possession: ID card, cards, device, etc.
  • Knowledge: Name, date of birth, client number, PIN, etc.
  • Being: Biometrics, genetics, facial expressions, gestures, etc.

These three categories are needed to verify an identity unambiguously and to ensure successful authentication.

A digital identity exists as soon as a person wants to verify themselves digitally. In this process, the real identity is compared with the digital identity to be provided beforehand, so that fraudsters, such as identity thieves, have no chance. Digital identities consist, for example, of usernames with passwords or biometric data.

How will the identity of a person be clearly verified?

An identity check analyses the three characteristic features of an identity (possession, knowledge and existence) in any combination with each other. The cidaas ID Validator uses the unique biometric features of a person’s face for unique identification. Thus, a unique identification can take place.

The biometric face verification is one of the safest authentication methods, as every person has a unique biometric profile. With the help of algorithms, which are continuously enhanced by artificial intelligence, it is also possible to recognise whether a potential fraud is present.

How will be digital identities protected?

Apart from the usual password, there are new, modern authentication procedures for comprehensive digital identity protection. At present, procedures are very popular because they can be authenticated without a password, and are much more convenient and faster to execute.

Digital identities which are authenticated without a password can be biometric procedures or time-based one-time passwords. With time-based validity, digital identities can be less interesting for cyber-attacks and even if they fall into the wrong hands, they could only cause temporary damage. Biometric techniques are much more complex and offer very high protection against possible cyber-attacks.

What is the difference to other video identification methods?

The digital identity check is carried out exclusively digitally and independently by the user. In contrast to commonly known authentication procedures by mail or video, no second person is required for verification. The artificial intelligence takes over this job via biometric facial verification and an intelligent ID control. The cidaas Validator procedure is also safer, more convenient and significantly faster.

Which documents are accepted for digital identity verification?

At present, the cidaas ID Validator includes identity checks via specific ID cards or the driving licence. On customers’ request, the required identification and verification documents can be easily integrated into the tool. Please contact us if you have any further queries.

How will personal data of users be processed?

The Face-ID and personal data of a digitally identified user will be processed strictly in accordance with GDPR. Thus, they do not allow any kind of infringements of data protection laws.

The data can also be processed with the help of a consent procedure that has been submitted to the customer in advance. These would then be seamlessly transferred to your databases. A secure and data protection-compliant processing method is hence guaranteed.

How easy is integrating the cidaas ID validator into our system?

The cidaas ID Validator, and the cidaas “Customer Identity and Access Management Suite” is built on microservices and can be seamlessly integrated into existing software environments using modern APIs.

cidaas can be quickly and securely integrated into your customer channels without affecting existing infrastructures or interfering processes. Surprise your customers with excellent convenience during their customer journey. You can read reviews of some of our customers here.

How does the cost model look like?

It will be charged per identification check. The services of the cidaas ID Validator, as well as its cost calculation can be found here.


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