Offer your customers an exceptional on-boarding experience through secure and quick identity verification.

The cidaas ID Validator checks identity documents and matches them with the person’s biometric data. All your customer needs is a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone.
Never before has ID verification been so fast, secure and easy.

With cidaas ID Validator you can even digitally represent the last step of your customer journey and ensure maximum conversions and customer satisfaction.
Best of all: Cidaas ID Validator complies with the European data protection regulations and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing customer journey by means of modern APIs.

Digital ID verification in just 3 steps

Scan identity document

The person whose identity has to be verified, scans the front and back sides of the identity document. This could be a personal identity card, a passport or a driving license.

Scan face

Now the face of the person whose identity has be verified is scanned.

Just done!

The biometric data collected in step 1 will now be compared with the biometric features collected from step 2.

cidaas ID Validator explained in 1 minute

Your benefits at a glance

AI-based algorithms provide secure authentication - everywhere and in real time

An intuitive, easy-to-use user interface provides a unique user experience

Smart identity verification: comparison of biometric factors ensures that the identity document corresponds to the person, whose identity is to be verified

Higher conversions in different use cases


Identity verification for opening an account, closing a loan, etc.


Identity verification for signing contracts

Mobility service provider

Identity and driving license verification to register for mobility services such as car rental, car sharing,…


Identity and age verification for the signing of contracts

Healthcare providers

Identity and age verification for registration on healthcare portals

Entertainment industry

Age verification for activation of special contents

FAQs – what you always wanted to know about online identity verification

The cidaas ID Validator uses the biometric identifiers of a person to uniquely identify him/her. The biometric face verification is one of the most secure methods because these characteristics are unique for every human being. Intelligent AI algorithms also detect whether the person is alive and ensure that there is no case of fraud.

With the cidaas ID Validator, your customers can perform and complete the identity verification digitally and independently. In contrast to the commonly known VideoIdent process, the video call is not necessary, as the identity is ascertained via biometric face verification. Compared to conventional methods, cidaas ID Validator is more secure, easier and, above all, faster to perform.

The cidaas ID Validator adapts completely to your individual requirements. So far, identity verification can be carried out by means of an ID card or driving license. However, further documents can be programmed to be recognized & validated without great effort.

The cidaas Customer Identity and Access Management Suite is based on Microservices and can be seamlessly integrated into existing software landscapes with the help of modern APIs. The same applies to the “ID Validator” module – it adapts to your existing customer journey and can be quickly and securely integrated into it without impacting existing infrastructures.

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