cidaas connect - the first virtual Digital Summit by cidaas

cidaas connect – the first virtual Digital Summit by cidaas

Under the motto “Digitization made easy”, the first cidaas connect Digital Summit will take place on 13 October. The focus is on digital transformation as the basis for business success, simpler processes, and more satisfied customers. Register now for cidaas connect and be there on October 13, 2022, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.


How do digital business models emerge, and how does an idea become a successful digital platform? – At the cidaas Digital Summit we will discuss these questions together with experts and show you in the cidaas Kickoff Keynote how modern Cloud Identity & Access Management is becoming an enabler of digital business models and why a successful digital platform offers more than just Login and Single Sign-On. Many other presentations and different perspectives on digital business models round off the entire.

Sadrick Widmann

CEO, cidaas

The Digital Summit starts with the opening keynote by Sadrick Widmann on the topic: “CIAM as an Enabler of Digital Business Models” and highlights the use of modern Cloud Identity & Access Management in digital platforms and the resulting advantages.

In case studies, customers, and partners of cidaas show best practices and share experiences from current projects – whether a customer-friendly customer journey or API security – the keynotes provide exciting insights and the wide variety of industries.

cidaas connect shows that Single Sign-On is just the start for a great user experience, but the functions such as Passwordless Authentication (e.g., with FIDO 2) round off the customer experience. And security will not be neglected either, whether Multifactor Authentication or Digital Identity Verification with an auto-ident, the presentations will provide some exciting insights into the diverse application scenarios around Identity & Access Management.

As a virtual conference, you can connect to cidaas connect from anywhere. Don’t miss the cidaas Digital Summit! For more information and to register, please visit cidaas connect, the Digital Summit of cidaas!