Unlocking expertise & unique experiences: Welcome back to cidaas connect 2024 - the live event for (Cloud) Identity & Access Management at Europa-Park

Unlocking expertise & unique experiences: Welcome back to cidaas connect 2024 – the live event for (Cloud) Identity & Access Management at Europa-Park

There’s a touch of innovation in the air as cidaas connect returns for its second edition in 2024 and promises to be a live event that sets new standards. From September 11 to 12, 2024, the Europa-Park Confertainment Center will once again be the stage for an unforgettable experience packed with expert knowledge, entertainment and networking opportunities that you won’t want to miss.

cidaas connect 2024 focuses not only on size, but also on sophistication and innovation, while remaining true to its proven motto “MEET. LEARN. CONNECT.”. Immerse yourself with us in this two-day event that promises not only informative talks and exclusive keynotes, but also unforgettable experiences that will transport attendees into the world of digital identity management. From inspiring evening events to in-depth deep dive sessions – a unique program awaits you at cidaas connect 2024.

What’s new at cidaas connect 2024?

Evening networking before the conference starts:

Take the opportunity to network before the conference, share experiences and prepare for the next two days. An inspiring evening at Europa-Park awaits you with drinks & food!

Brand new evening event highlights day 1:

The Western Evening at cidaas connect 2023 was a spectacle, but this year we promise an even more spectacular show including drinks & food. You can look forward to it!

Deep Dive Sessions on both days:

Deepen your knowledge in our Deep Dive Sessions. Immerse yourself in specific topics, discuss with experts and gain insights that go far beyond the usual.


Experience the future of (Cloud) Identity & Access Management at cidaas connect 2024. We focus on essential keytopics that move the industry now and in the future:

Zero Trust & Identity-First Security

Immerse yourself in the world of Zero Trust and Identity-First approaches. Learn how these revolutionary concepts transcend traditional security paradigms and usher in a new era of protection and trustworthiness.

Efficient integration: A comprehensive view of CIAM and IAM

Explore the synergies between Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) and Identity & Access Management (IAM). Gain insights into comprehensive integration strategies that enable a seamless and efficient connection between these two key elements.

Protecting privacy in Identity Management: strategies and best practices

Privacy is of critical importance. Develop an in-depth understanding of Identity Management privacy strategies and best practices to ensure confidentiality and compliance with privacy regulations.

The evolution of Artificial Intelligence: A peek into the future

Take a look into the future of artificial intelligence and its role in Identity Management. Discover innovative approaches and future prospects as we explore the evolution of AI in this crucial area.

User Authentication & Verification

Experience groundbreaking developments in user authentication and verification. Learn how the latest technologies and methods enhance security while ensuring a frictionless user experience.

User experience in CIAM and IAM

Understand the importance of an outstanding user experience in Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) and Identity & Access Management (IAM). Explore ways in which first-class UX not only strengthens security, but also increases user acceptance and satisfaction.

cidaas connect 2024 in Rust – an event that will redefine the future of Identity Management. Be part of this unique experience and shape the future of (Customer) Identity & Access Management together with us!

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