xCHange 2024: Together strong for the future of cybersecurity!

xCHange 2024: Together strong for the future of cybersecurity!

Focus on digital identity: Joint event by cidaas, Axalon and SECURIX in Switzerland

We have exciting news from the cidaas site in Switzerland! We will soon be driving forward the mission of digitizing and managing the digital identities of customers and partners. Together with our Swiss partners Axalon and SECURIX, we are hosting a live event in Rotkreuz on March 14, 2024, where we will not only discuss significant challenges in the field of digital identities, but also shape the future of cybersecurity.

We cordially invite you to join us at this exclusive event. Together with leading experts, we will discuss the latest topics from the dynamic world of cyber security. The high-level program will provide you with deep insights into the current challenges and advanced solutions in the field of Identity & Access Management (IAM). Look forward to a fascinating journey through the multifaceted world of cyber security and join us in shaping the future of security in the digital space.

In today’s world, the relevance of digital identity is more important than ever. Rapidly advancing digitalization and the associated need to identify users securely and efficiently present companies with new challenges.

Our aim is to create a unique platform where experts and decision-makers from different industries can come together to discuss important issues and find pioneering solutions.

One particularly central topic will be in focus: cyber security. Under the motto “Secure by Night & Smart by Day – Navigating the Digital Edge”, we will offer insights into the latest challenges posed by cyber attacks as well as innovative solutions in the field of Identity & Access Management (IAM).

In his presentation entitled “Smart management of users and authorizations in B2C and B2B”, Sadrick Widmann, CEO of cidaas, will shed light on the efficient management of users and authorizations in the B2C and B2B business areas. His presentation will highlight the differences in user management, user onboarding/registration and authorization management in both contexts.

Despite the specific requirements in the business-to-consumer and business-to-business areas, Sadrick will emphasize that many fundamental concepts and the underlying technical infrastructure are similar. The presentation will therefore provide a comprehensive insight into the challenges and similarities in the intelligent management of users and authorizations in different business environments.

In addition to Sadrick Widmann, Gabriel Wepfer, Deputy CEO at SECURIX, will also contribute to the event. In his presentation, he will talk about the topics of digital identities and access authorizations, in particular strategies for defending against cyber attacks in the networked world. Sara Braun, Head of Sales & Business Development at Axalon, will also take to the podium to discuss current challenges in the field of Identity & Access Management.

Furthermore, we welcome Carsten Müller, Head of Enterprise Architecture & Security at HORNBACH Baumarkt AG, who will offer valuable insights into the world of cyber security. The wide-ranging expertise of our speakers promises an informative and multi-faceted discussion on current developments and challenges in the field of digital identities and cyber security.

Digital Identity Spotlight: Focus on security, omnichannel, AI and cybersecurity

Join us for a deep dive into the topics of digital identity, especially in relation to secure onboarding of customers and partners. Discover the future of commerce through omnichannel strategies, explore the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and learn why intelligent authentication and authorization are the cornerstones for the security of your systems. The ‘AuthManager – Efficient Control of Access Rights’ offers insights into best practices for B2B and B2C. Our discussions will also focus intensively on cybersecurity strategies. Join us as we explore innovative approaches and best practices for a secure digital future.


With the rapid changes brought about by digitalization, it is crucial to ensure that user identification and authentication is simple, secure and efficient at the same time. We look forward to working with Axalon, SECURIX and invited experts to discuss solutions and approaches that will pave the way to a digital future.

Sadrick Widmann

CEO, cidaas

Look forward to the following topics:

  • Omnichannel in practice
  • AuthManager – Efficient control of access rights
  • AI – The future of technology
  • Cybersecurity in focus

Take advantage of the unique networking opportunities to exchange ideas with other participants and gain valuable experience.

Interested parties can register for the event here. Places are limited, so make sure you secure your place early. We look forward to welcoming you to Switzerland on March 14!

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