6 trends in (customer) identity & access management for 2024: a comprehensive insight

6 trends in (customer) identity & access management for 2024: a comprehensive insight

In the ever faster evolving digital world, (Customer) Identity & Access Management is central to a seamless and secure user experience. New trends are also emerging in 2024 that will shape the way companies use CIAM and IAM.
  1. Zero Trust & Identity-First Security

    The Zero Trust approach, with its motto “never trust, always verify”, is becoming an integral part of the security of digital identities and access management. In parallel, identity-first security emphasizes the priority of identity management in security strategies. Together, they form a robust mechanism against security breaches and ensure that access is secure and monitored accordingly. Link to Zero Trust WP
  2. Integration made easy!

    Simple integration is crucial for modern CIAM and IAM solutions. Companies are looking for platforms that simplify integration, enabling seamless connection to existing systems, reducing complexity and increasing efficiency. This enables companies to implement IAM solutions more quickly and link them seamlessly with other business processes.
  3. Privacy in identity management

    The privacy of users will be even more important in 2024. New data protection regulations such as the revDSG in Switzerland underline the importance of data protection. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and similar laws worldwide require stricter controls on the use of personal data. (C)IAM solutions will increasingly rely on data protection features to ensure that users’ personal information is adequately protected and only used for authorized purposes. Innovative approaches will also need to be developed to ensure privacy on the one hand, without compromising security on the other.
  4. I the answer to AI

    With the increasing spread of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), AI-driven attacks on IAM systems are also becoming more sophisticated. At the same time, AI is also the answer and is becoming increasingly important as a defense mechanism. AI and machine learning are being used to predict, detect and respond to threats in real time, providing a dynamic shield against sophisticated AI attacks On the other hand, AI and ML are also being used to improve the user experience by enabling personalized authentication and access permissions based on user behavior and habits.
  5. User authentication & verification

    Secure authentication and also the digital identity verification of users will continue to play a central role in 2024. A wide range of methods for authentication and verification have become established today, from biometrics to behavioral analysis, the focus is on creating secure yet seamless access. These technologies not only increase security, but also improve the user experience.
  6. User experience in CIAM and IAM

    The user experience (UX) is rightly regarded as a decisive success factor for (C)IAM systems. An excellent user experience inspires users, and the elementary goal is to create secure access while minimizing friction losses for the user. An appealing and intuitive user interface contributes just as much to a great user experience as innovative functions, e.g. passwordless authentication. A balance between security and ease of use ensures that identity management is seamless for users.

The year 2024 at a glance

Looking ahead to 2024, trends in (customer) identity & access management show a shift towards more secure, user-friendly and AI-powered solutions. The focus on zero trust, data protection, AI, seamless integration and improved user experience underlines the industry’s commitment to protecting digital identities in an increasingly complex digital environment.

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