cidaas takes initiative for password-less authentication –

With the initiative “Bye password! The future of login” cidaas is launching an initiative for passwordless authentication. From now on the campaign site can be found at

As a Cloud Identity & Access Management system, cidaas offers a wide range of authentication methods, including password-less authentication. This type of authentication has several advantages over the classic login with e-mail/username and password. In particular, authentication for users becomes much more comfortable and more secure. If one looks at some of the most common hacker attacks, these focus on identity theft in the context of the password. The most common hacker attacks and the meaning of passwords in this context were recently published by cidaas in a blog.

Identity Theft: The 3 most common hacker attacks
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Customers of cidaas already offer their users the possibility of passwordless authentication in almost all of Europe. With the initiative “Bye password! The future of login” cidaas wants to push this further and has therefore published the landing page In addition to some information on the various authentication methods, such as device biometrics (e.g. TouchID) or FIDO2, topics such as additional protection using multi-factor authentication or identity verification, as well as the possibility of a live test of password-less authentication are also offered.

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