The future of the energy sector – Single Sign On & Identity Management for private households

Smart grid, e-mobility, smart home, intelligent and connected devices. The disruptive developments are changing the energy sector and demand the transformation from a pure energy supplier to an energy service provider. Increasing digitalization has led to the addition of new, hybrid services that complement the classic offerings of the energy service provider, whether e-scooters, smart metering or e-filling stations.

In particular, the service offering in combination with the customer experience is crucial and the management of customer and user identities becomes an important factor. In this blog, we want to experience the customer journey from the perspective of private households.

2020 with my partner and service provider – the municipal utility “FaWi”.

“My alarm clock rings, it’s 7 a.m. … – ‘Alexa, snooze 10 minutes’ – I repeat the whole thing 3 times and end up getting up at 7:30. My wife stays in bed for a while – it’s nice to have a day off! Now it’s off to the kitchen for some muesli and coffee for the perfect start to the day. The coffee machine starts automatically – and I set the table. – Alexa, start my day’ – ‘Good morning – you’re ready to go – your Tesla, iPhone, and Apple Watch are charged – I’ll wake the kids at 8 a.m. – today will be a sunny day good for you and your solar system – PS: great CO2 balance’.

I still have to do my tax return today – I must not forget – ‘Alexa, remind me to do my tax return at noon today’ – ‘I’ll remind you to do your tax return at 2 pm’.

Oh! 8 o’clock already – the children’s doorbell rings – let us go to breakfast at 9 o’clock, they have to be at the nursery and I should have had a shower long ago!

Children in the daycare center – Check!

Daily stand up with the team – check!

Now, quickly log in to the customer portal of the municipal utility FaWi and save the annual statement and tax documents – login via TouchID on my MacBook – cool – check!

Reminder – Tomorrow – the birthday of my sweetheart! – Oh no! I urgently need a gift.

Off to town – quickly search for an e-Scooter via the e-Power app of the FaWi public utility company. – Found it and off we go!

What am I going to get for her? *Despair*

New shoes? – no, she just bought them yesterday with her friend.

Jewelry? – I give it to her every year.

Holiday? – maybe after Corona.

Headphones – great – she loves audiobooks!

Do I need anything else?! – A quick visit to the office of the Stadtwerke FaWi – some information for an energy consultation – with the electricity consumption is still something *smile*

Registration at the office via NFC – much better than pulling numbers.

Push message on the smartphone – Mr. Müller is looking forward to seeing you in meeting room 2 – with directions – they probably still remember my last tour through the office *smile*.

I also know Mr. Müller from the last consultation on our solar system – he seemed very competent to me.

Nice welcome – he already had all the documents ready for me – the registration via NFC is a really good thing – the recognition of me at all touchpoints – whether digital or analog – really makes things easier.

After the conversation, back to work with a few good ideas for the new year!

Mr. Müller provides me more information in my personal group area of the FaWi municipal utility. This way, my wife also has immediate access to the information via the app or the customer portal.

6 pm – I stop by the supermarket and pick up some drinks and snacks for the drive to my parents-in-law’s house tonight. Rather I recharge the car for the long drive.

e-Filling station from Stadtwerke FaWi – automatic debit via my customer account – great!

Then at the checkout, the push message from the e-Power app – Your car is fully charged. Have a good trip! – I open the notification and see €7.30.

Rush home invites the family and then we are off for the trip! – I will do the tax return tomorrow.

Public utilities and energy providers play a pivotal role in our daily lives! If you manage to further develop this central position and pick up the customers and users – to recognize and authenticate them at the digital and analog touchpoints – you can create a great customer experience!

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