Arriving at the perfect Identity and Access management solution

Is identity management really required – this question no longer arises for many companies. The use of Identity Management has become a fundamental functional requirement in every organization, that has a digital presence of any form. This realization stems from the fact that customer identities and related personal data are considered the most valuable assets, that help companies take data-driven marketing and other business decisions. Companies have myriads of options when it comes to choosing the perfect identity and access management solution. Organizations have various options to choose from – Either build a proprietary identity solution with available in-house expertise or adopt a commercially available off-the-shelf cloud-based solution that would satisfy all the business requirements.

Many times, the advantages of opting for a readily available identity management system outweigh those of creating such a solution from scratch. The major benefits include:

  • Technical Expertise
  • Ready for immediate use
  • Significantly shorter implementation time
  • Saves time, costs, effort and human resources
  • Solution remains up-to-date always and without downtimes
  • Bridging personal bottlenecks
  • You can concentrate on your core business.

There are a number of CIAM solutions available in the market today – The key to choosing the product that suits your organization the best is to clearly understand your requirements. In order to outline your exact requirements, it is essential to have a fair idea on the basic functionalities a CIAM solution is expected to deliver, the value-added functionalities it could deliver and how you could leverage the features through customization to suit your individual needs.

Arriving at the perfect Identity and Access management solution

The above figure depicts a few of the major functionalities that need to be seriously considered while assessing a CIAM solution. To get more insights into all the factors that should be well-thought of, if you plan to go for an identity and access management solution, read through our free downloadable CIAM Buyer’s Guide that will give you a better picture of the capabilities of a CIAM solution, what to look out for, and will hopefully help you define your individual requirements better.

This white paper sheds light on the potential advantages of adopting a readily available CIAM product various aspects that one should consider while choosing a CIAM solution.

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