Implementation of Identity and access management in the Healthcare industry

The EU-GDPR is already live in action and no industry would be spared. The healthcare sector is hence forced to strictly adhere to the regulations, failing which, a huge penalty could be imposed. Companies that have a digital presence are wary of it – up to 4% of the annual turnover of the organization could be levied in the event of non-compliance.

It is claimed that medical records are worth more than credit card information in the black market– and the strict enforcement of such data protection regulations that come in the wake of data breaches is not surprising. In the light of digitalization, the best way to remain compliant and protect digital assets is to adopt the right digital strategy – to be precise, the best option is to embrace a CIAM (Customer Identity and Access management) product that offers the highest standards of security and facilitates regulatory compliance through a robust consent management system.

The Healthcare industry involves a diverse group of stakeholders that includes doctors, pharmaceutical companies, medical insurance companies, medical engineering companies, medial diagnostics providers etc. and most importantly, the patients. By implementing an Identity and access management solution, the cumbersome task of managing roles, accesses and privileges of such a varied group of users is simplified, thereby helping organizations focus on their core activities and the same time be compliant to all local and regional data privacy regulations. The use of latest biometric techniques to support authentication and authorization only enhances security further.

One such solution is cidaas, a product from WidasID GmbH that could be easily integrated into any existing software. With cidaas, we are committed to providing data protection in a highly regulatory environment by implementing proven and advanced industry standards in line with exemplary security models without compromising on user convenience. This way, company-specific or industry-specific international regulations can also be covered. The use of state-of-the-art biometric techniques to support authentication and authorization only further increases security – and companies can focus on their core tasks.

In this white paper, we take you through the challenges and intricacies associated with implementing the EU-GDPR guidelines and how a smart CIAM solution can be leveraged not only for ensuring compliance but also to optimize and enhance existing processes and systems – improve authentication, manage accesses and privileges and simplify the various other process workflows.

An intelligent CIAM solution like cidaas can be used in the healthcare industry not only for identity management but also to ensure regulatory compliance and at the same time optimize existing workflows. This white paper shows you how.

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