The cidaas ID validator as part of the

Schufa myConnect-Hub

Customized solutions to identify your customers.
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With the cidaas ID validator cidaas offers an AutoIdent procedure that enables a unique user identification and highest security across all channels – for an AMLA compliant identification procedure in the SCHUFA myConnect-Hub.

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Do you want to identify your customers online in a way that meets regulatory requirements and security standards? Do you find conventional identification procedures expensive and they demand many complex applications from you?
That doesn’t have to be the case, because with the SCHUFA myConnect-Hub you get a data protection-compliant and user-friendly overall solution that combines all the necessary services for a user-friendly and completely digital conclusion of contracts, right through to AMLA-compliant identification in accordance with the highest security standards. .
The SCHUFA myConnect-Hub focuses on user friendliness together with security and cidaas is a crucial part of it with the cidaas ID validator.

In combination with the cidaas ID validator, the reference transfer from finAPI and the Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) from Bank-Verlag, myConnect-Hubs enables a completely digital contract conclusion.

AutoIdent mit dem cidaas ID validator

AutoIdent procedure
with cidaas

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Reference transfer
with finAPI

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Digital signature (QeS) with the bank publisher

This reliable identification meets the special industry-specific regulatory requirements of the finance, insurance, and telecommunications industries. It allows you to handle digital identification and contract signing processes in a single solution, enabling the fast completion of tasks such as the conclusion of credit agreements or the opening of Bank-Verlag in compliance with regulatory requirements.

The cidaas ID validator provides a fully digital AutoIdent solution that delivers the highest customer experience. This cidaas solution intuitively guides users through an automated identity verification process based solely on video technology, thus not requiring a real person for verification.

With the SCHUFA myConnect-Hub, you have access to a comprehensive range of identification solutions from a single source. This means that you only need one interface and one contractual partner to use all available options.

The SCHUFA myConnect hub in 3 simple steps:

SCHUFA myConnect-Hub and cidaas, finAPI & Bank-Verlag

cidaas, as a leading provider of Identity & Access Management solutions is part of the SCHUFA myConnect-Hub, with the goal to revolutionize the onboarding and identity verification of your customers in an eIDAS compliant way.
Verified identities form the basis for many business models in various industries and are not only important in the context of legal requirements in the area of online identity verification.

All partners of the SCHUFA myConnect-Hub are German companies, resulting in a QeS-based AMLA-compliant ID procedure “Made in Germany” for the first time.

Requirements to cidaas


A simple & secure verification of identity documents


Real-time verification & data reconciliation


Comprehensive reporting for reliable review of verification attempts


Digital contracting with qualified signature and fulfillment of the highest security and compliance requirements


A GDPR and eIDAS compliant solution

Benefits of the cidaas ID validator


User-friendly identity verification in real time from a wide range of identity documents for an optimal customer journey


Fully automated video-based legitimation without interaction with an agent


Liveness & Deep Fake detection for the detection of manipulated documents or videos


A simple and fast user administration and authorization management

Identity verification is often associated with specific processes such as opening an account or signing a credit agreement. But the potential applications extend far beyond these obvious examples. Verified identities form the basis for many business models in various industries and are not only important in the context of legal regulations in the field of online identity verification. For example, the cidaas ID validator can also be crucial when renting rental cars or in e-commerce when purchasing age-restricted products.


“If you look at the AutoIdent process, it’s a very very secure way to identify someone because the whole thing is very close to on-site identification.”

Stephan Peters

Identity and Fraud Prevention Expert at SCHUFA Holding AG

Digitale Identitätsprüfung by cidaas

Digital identity verification with cidaas

eIDAS 2.0 – die Zukunft der digitalen Identität in Europa

eIDAS 2.0 – the future of digital identity in Europe

cidaas ID validator

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