Customer Identity Management in the times of industry 4.0 and digitization in the context of the new Data Protection Act (GDPR)

Wimsheim, 19. Juni 2018

The digitalization of production has the highest priority in many companies. The identification of the customer is one of the most important building blocks. Through a unique user identification, specific customer movements and information in Web shops, apps or other sales channels can be optimally evaluated and, at the same time, customer-friendly log-ins and services can be provided. In addition, cases of fraud and suspicion are detected at an early stage.

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Data protection regulation as a challenge

Even though the digitalization of processes offers a significant potential for small and medium-sized enterprises, in order to be competitive, there are still a number of challenges involved. In particular, the new EU-GDPR has left many companies insecure, as the new Data Protection Regulation requires the implementation of technical and organizational measures (TOM) to protect customer data. The background to this is the right to informational self-determination of the individual, which forms the basis of the EU Data Protection Regulation.

Industry – 4.0 Strategy and the new Data Protection Ac

An industry 4.0 strategy that meets the requirements should utilize appropriate cloud based software solutions as Customer Identity Management (CIM) systems. These offer a number of functions that allow companies to immediately provide an EU-GDPR compliant Consent Management System for their customers.

One of these solutions is cidaas. Systems like cidaas can be easily implemented with secure interfaces into existing channels, e.g. employee, customer, supplier and partner portals. Medium-sized companies such as CAMLOG, Germany’s leading manufacturer in the field of dental implantology, have recognized this. “Modern software is intelligent, innovative and easy to use. We at CAMLOG use cidaas as the central user identity management for our shops and portals – our customers benefit from the simple operation and optimum service. – This is how Karl-Heinz Klein, Head of e-Business at CAMLOG, describes the advantages.

Give the user control over his data

Complying with the new data protection regulation, which according to Art. 5 para. 1 d) requires personal data to be factually correct and, if necessary, up to date, must be implemented quickly and in a legally compliant manner by a CIM system. With User Self-Service, similar to that offered by cidaas, companies can give control over the data back to the user and ensure that the data is up to date.

With the coming into force of the EU-GDPR, companies are also increasingly obliged to provide information on the collected data. Here, too, a relevant software solution is helpful and, thanks to simple user management, customer profiles can be easily deleted and thus the right to deletion (Art. 13 EU-GDPR) can be adhered to.

Security through multi-factor authentication

In addition, cidaas offers multi-factor authentication and thus ensures high security with processes such as two-factor authentication and biometric login methods, as required by Art. 32 of the EU-GDPR.

The use of cloud software for operation minimizes maintenance costs, as regular updates are covered by the service package offered. This greatly reduces the daily workload on medium-sized companies. The provisioning and processing of the software via German servers also ensures the highest level of security.

A selection of the software according to requirements and therefore a fair pricing is guaranteed by different service packages. At cidaas this ranges from the free version to enterprise solutions.

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