Unique biometric identification with the cidaas Authenticator

New release of the cidaas Authenticator App is here! Now offering advanced techniques for user identification and verification.

Biometric Recognition
cidaas Authenticator is a mobile application developed by WidasConcepts that implements multi-factor verification. It is available as a free download on the play-store or App-store.
Users can now choose their preferred method for Multi factor authentication. The various login options supported:

  • Face recognition: identify users using advanced biometric face recognition method.
  • Touch ID / Finger print – identify users based on their fingerprint.
  • Pattern – identification via a pattern chosen/drawn by the user.
  • Push-notification – identification based on the user’s device alone.
  • TOTP – identification based on the user’s device. Here a time based one-time code is sent, which is used for verification.

cidaas Authenticator – future is here. Download the latest version now!

cidaas Authenticatorcidaas Authenticator
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