Digitale Transformation - Helen Doron Educational Group

The world’s leading educational institute, Helen Doron Ltd., is heading for the future with cidaas: Integration of an innovative Customer Identity & Access Management for a smart digital transformation

Helen Doron Educational Group was founded in 1985 to teach children English as a Foreign Language and has 1,200 learning centres and academies in 40 countries. Helen Doron’s innovative and proven methodology is the creative inspiration behind the company’s flagship franchise, Helen Doron English, together with Helen Doron Academy, Helen Doron Spanish and MathRiders. As of today, the Group has taught over three million children to speak English, master maths, learn through movement and songs, and much more.
The network is growing rapidly. Nevertheless, the company retains its core values and community spirit – combined with business success.

Children are encouraged to appreciate life at a young age and grow up with a healthy lifestyle, empowering them with creative and innovative ways of thinking. Helen Doron’s franchise network consists of students, parents, teachers, and franchisees who all share Helen Doron’s vision, passion, and values.

The sharing of information, exchange of ideas, and mutual advice takes place through direct contact, training, conferences, and other communication channels.

Together with cidaas, Helen Doron Educational Group wants to use innovative Customer Identity & Access Management for a digital transformation in order to manage the digital identities of customers and partners more easily and thus increase customer experience.

The requirements for the integration of cidaas are:

  • Single-Sign-On
  • Salesforce integration
  • Group Management

Helen Doron Ltd. relies on cidaas and its extensive feature set for its digital transformation:

  • Single Sign-On – for a single login across all channels and a convenient customer journey
  • Multi-factor authentication – for secure authentication and the highest level of account security
  • Webhooks for easy integration into the entire IT landscape, such as the CRM
  • Group management, which enables the structured grouping of user accounts to assign roles and access
  • And much more

By integrating cidaas, the Helen Doron Educational Group is taking a decisive step towards a forward-looking transformation in the education sector. The introduction of an innovative Customer Identity & Access Management system not only enables efficient management of digital identities, but also strengthens customer satisfaction with seamless Single Sign-On experiences and advanced security measures. The franchise network is thus positioning itself as a pioneer in the digital transformation within the education sector.

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