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Belonio GmbH, the SaaS manufacturer for employee benefits, optimizes its CIAM with cidaas


Belonio GmbH, the SaaS manufacturer for employee benefits, has been simplifying the administration, accounting and use of employee benefits, such as benefits in kind and meal allowances, for years. Now Belonio GmbH is optimizing its CIAM area with cidaas, the leading European Customer Identity & Access Management. Belonio will use cidaas for the internal login as well as for its B2B customers in order to be able to create the corresponding companies in groups.


We are pleased that Belonio was able to carry out the implementation smoothly on its own with the help of the extensive cidaas documentation and the onboarding package. In particular, the cidaas group and role management plays a major role at Belonio, as the corporate customers have different company sizes and user groups, which requires a more flexible setup of customer accounts. It is a real pleasure for us that cidaas has proven to be the best solution for Belonio here.

Sadrick Widmann

CEO, cidaas

Belonio offers secure and convenient employee benefits that increase employee satisfaction and loyalty while reducing non-wage labor costs. Belonio enables companies and their employees to benefit as easily, securely and attractively as possible from tax-efficient salary extras. The opportunities that German tax law offers companies and their employees are diverse and often unknown or even complicated to use. With the Belonio software, these benefits can be used conveniently and without HR effort.

When using Belonio, up to 11 attractive benefits can be selected in a modular software. Legal updates and innovations in the market are securely and reliably developed and implemented in Münster, eliminating the cumbersome use of multiple systems and platforms. Belonio manages over 2,500 satisfied corporate customers from 50 different industries.

In the future, companies using Belonio will be provided with an admin account or cockpit with which they can create, activate or deactivate employees themselves. The employees are then created in the system with their name and e-mail address and can log in to Belonio via a link.

For the B2B context, the requirements are that corresponding companies are created in groups. This is done via a branded user interface with role and rights management as well as a connection to the corresponding company pages.

The digital transformation with cidaas represents an important contribution to user-friendliness in the B2C and B2B context and builds on cidaas functions such as:

The integration of cidaas in the CIAM area thus underlines Belonio GmbH’s continuous willingness to innovate, which aims to offer its customers a secure, flexible and user-friendly experience in the administration of employee benefits. The use of cidaas CIAM and the associated digital transformation strengthen Belonio’s position as a pioneer in the industry.

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