cidaas extends Shopware plugin with the latest Features

cidaas extends Shopware plugin with the latest Features

cidaas always makes sure that the latest and best services are provided at the doorstep of our clients. We are therefore keen to ensure that constant updates and upgrades with the latest features are carried out in a timely manner. We have recently updated the login with Cidaas, our Shopware plugin, to support the updated Shopware version 6.4.

The cidaas plugin for Shopware allows the easy integration of the modern Cloud Identity & Access Management cidaas into Shopware and thus establish a unified identity for your users across your digital services and channels. Users can register and login uniformly via your digital service using one of 16 modern, out-of-the-box login methods such as social login, device biometrics or one-time password. The Shopware Plugin is based on the industry standards OpenID Connect and OAuth2.

The comprehensive feature set of cidaas includes, but not limited to, Single Sign On, Consent Management, Passwordless and Multi-factor Authentication, Fraud Detection and Group Management as well as identity verification with the cidaas ID validator and more.

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