cidaas connect - live Summit 2023, the first live event at Europa-Park - First-hand technologies and trends for the IAM and CIAM sectors

cidaas connect–live Summit 2023, the first live event at Europa-Park – First-hand technologies and trends for the IAM and CIAM sectors

Our first live event, cidaas connect live 2023, will take place from September 20th to 21st at Europa-Park, Rust. Look forward to 2 special event days with valuable first-hand case studies, best practices, trends, and technologies. See high-profile speakers and practitioners from the DACH region highlight the importance of identity management as a paradigm, explore new authentication mechanisms and discuss what the future holds for (C)IAM. Experience the event live, register now for cidaas connect live 2023 and visit us on 20th and 21st September at Europa-Park, Confertainment Center in Rust.


We cordially invite you to learn about trends and developments in the field of (C)IAM, to improve your knowledge and skills, to network with other professionals and to receive valuable insights and advice from experts in the field. Look forward to the exchange of knowledge and experience, various lectures on (C)IAM topics, different perspectives on digital business models, case studies and of course the cidaas kickoff keynote. Don’t miss the cidaas connect 2023 in Rust!

Sadrick Widmann

CEO, cidaas

On Wednesday, September 20, 2023, the event starts at 9:00 a.m. with the cidaas opening keynote by Sadrick Widmann on the topic: Building Secure Digital Experiences. We end the evening with a Western evening in Europa-Park’s Silver Lake Saloon, which offers you exciting entertainment, but also provides the opportunity for pleasant personal conversations, encounters, discussions, and exchange. The second day also starts at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 2:00 p.m., giving you time to visit Europa-Park subsequently. In addition to the keynote by Sadrick Widmann, you can expect numerous presentations from many well-known speakers on topics related to IAM and CIAM such as customer satisfaction, authentication, identity verification, zero trust, cybersecurity and more. Using case studies, customers and partners demonstrate best practices and exchange experiences from current projects. Besides Single Sign-On, many features such as passwordless authentication, API security, etc., which round off the customer experience, will be explored and discussed live and in detail at cidaas connect live 2023.

Don’t miss the cidaas connect-live Summit 2023! Gain exciting insights into the diverse application scenarios around (Customer) Identity & Access Management. More information and registration at cidaas connect 2023!