Cyber Insurance with cidaas – Carl Götz relies on cidaas and Multifactor Authentication! 

Cyber Insurance with cidaas – Carl Götz relies on cidaas and multi-factor authentication!

As part of the insurance regulations, cyber insurance imposes certain requirements on the IT security of companies. For Carl Götz, the conclusion of cyber insurance was also the starting point for the introduction of cidaas – the leading European Cloud Identity & Access Management.
The Carl Götz GmbH is a family business with 700 employees and a leading company in the timber trade. With the conclusion of cyber insurance in 2021, the topic of Workforce Identity & Access Management and in particular multi-factor authentication has also moved onto the agenda. While selecting the right solution, a local partner was required in addition to an extensive set of authentication factors and the connection of the TOTP keys of existing solutions such as the firewall. This not only provides a legal framework, but also ensures very good cooperation and local contacts.
Since 2021, Carl Götz relies on cidaas as a platform for all users accessing applications that are not behind the firewall. Multi-factor authentication is mandatory for these users and is implemented via TOTP (Time-based One-time Password). The users are synchronized via cidaas Active Directory integration in order to quickly create a bridge between the existing world at Carl Götz and cidaas as an innovative Cloud Identity & Access Management.
As a leading Cloud Identity & Access Management, cidaas offers a feature-complete platform from Single Sign-On to authorization functionalities such as role and group management to multi-factor authentication.