Why Happiness Team? - The cidaas support

Why Happiness Team? – The cidaas support

Ever since we launched cidaas a few years ago, we have been developing technology, in terms of organization and processes. And we are constantly working to incorporate the vast experience we gain every day and to implement new ideas.

We would like to highlight a special organizational development in this blog – the Happiness Team.

As a product provider, especially for a Software-as-a-Service cloud service like cidaas, which as Identity & Access Management plays a central role in the digitalization of almost all companies and the IT infrastructure, customer support is very important to us. This has been a matter of course for us from the very beginning, so we have always attached great importance to good and especially fast support. Every developer knows it, when a question comes up, the Internet is consulted, the documentation is checked and it feels as if you were the only one with this question. Since an answer is essential to get ahead, contact the support is sought.

Waiting for a response for days at a time would be annoying as well as potentially shifting the timeline. It is even worse when there are difficulties in live operation and the cause cannot be found. Undoubtedly a self-explanatory API and detailed yet simple documentation are helpful and necessary. However, reliable, strong and individual setup support is also necessary to enjoy a product. That’s the way it should be!

Happy – that is the most important word! When we sat down for a small workshop a few weeks ago, one of the main topics was how we can further expand the support for our customers. We already rely on many different processes and tools: Besides documentation and API descriptions about Postman and Swagger UIs, we offer a support portal, a community platform and a chat. Our support team consists of colleagues from the development and product team as well as from our management. They support specific customers, so our team is always informative, has a deep knowledge of cidaas and knows the customer’s setup. Through continuous, intensive training, the team is familiar with a wide range of use cases and possible applications and is available to advise our customers. This constellation distinguishes our support from that of many other product manufacturers.

So, what has changed? – We have renamed our Support Team to Happiness Team!

Although this may sound somewhat platitudinous, it expresses the fact that we are not just a pure support team, but it is our mindset and objective to make our customers happy with cidaas.

Learn more about us or meet us personally and contact us here in the chat.

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