The Digital Pioneers Conference - Digitisation on the rise - 5 wonderful years of cidaas

The Digital Pioneers Conference – Digitisation on the rise – 5 wonderful years of cidaas

On Friday (13.11.2020) the first Digital Pioneers Conference, organised by esentri AG, was held and we were present there. In this blog, we look back at the event and the various impulses.

What does the Digital Pioneers Conference stand for: “With the Digital Pioneers we look behind the scenes of successful digitization projects and learn from courageous personalities who have shaped their own future. The audience could [look forward] to inspiring keynote speakers, interesting project stories, tech talk, and the extraordinary atmosphere of a hybrid conference!

The topics and contents of the conference were very diverse. Leander Govinda Greitemann started the conference with a keynote speech about the pioneering spirit and supported his presentation with exciting stories. Robert Szilinski then took up the pioneering spirit in his slot and declared a battle against pessimism. Throughout the day, there were many exciting presentations on successful digitization projects, new and changing business models, and the culture necessary for a sustainable digital transformation, but there was also no shortage of prospects for technological advances such as the quantum computer. In summary, the diversity of the conference was a key success factor, because as diverse as the presentations are, so are the ideas and challenges in digitization. Digitization is not driven by technology, but by the combination of many impulses, with technology also being an enabler, but business culture, ideas, and concepts are the drivers of development.

We were pleased to take the opportunity to play our part in the conference. Based on the quotation from Raumschiff Enterprise: “Identity – infinite vastness. It is the year 2020” we started to think the world differently five years ago – we started with cidaas, our Cloud Identity & Access Management. And a lot has happened in the past 5 years. We have become aware of this once again, particularly in the preparation for the conference. Only recently we have summarised the history of the FIDO Alliance and the FIDO2 standard in a blog (8 years of FIDO – What has happened so far). We have already integrated FIDO2 into cidaas since 2018, the distribution, but especially due to the availability on Apple, it has been a long time coming. In our presentation, we took a closer look at these and other highlights from 5 years of cidaas, because: “On our journey through the galaxies of our customers we have mastered different requirements. However, we have also avoided the odd meteorite or two in our continuous efforts to push cidaas forward”.

At this point we would like to thank esentri for the great organisational work. The conference was planned wonderfully, there were two stages, as well as the opportunity to network, and though a personal visit to the conference during Corona is not possible, it had a personal touch.

We are looking forward to 2021!

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