Automated Video Identification with cidaas ID Validator now becomes TKG Compliant

Automated Video Identification with AutoIdent by cidaas ID Validator now becomes TKG Compliant

Great moments of official recognition for cidaas ID Validator! Automated video identification with AutoIdent by cidaas ID Validator will be TKG compliant as soon as the new TKG amendment becomes legally effective, i.e., by December 1, 2021.

Telecommunications regulation is a sovereign function of the German Federal Office of Justice. The objective of the Telecommunications Act (TKG) is to safeguard the interests of users and consumers and thereby to ensure fair competition. It ensures the basic provisions of telecommunication services throughout the country.

What is new about the Telecommunications Act (TKG)?

Due to numerous global developments in the IT and technology sector, the existing German Telecommunications Act was in need of revision and modernization. Such an amendment is intended to create a forward-looking legal framework for the German telecommunications market. The existing TKG is therefore comprehensively amended and consequently supplemented by a new enactment, the Telecommunications and Telemedia Data Protection Act (TTDSG), which enshrines new changes such as the identification of digital persons and is expected to come into legal force on 1st December 2021.

The identification of the person is required by law for the conclusion of various contracts, such as a cell phone contract, an insurance contract or similar. Previously, this clause was defined in §111 of TKG. As a result of new amendments to the Act, besides the new paragraph, Section 172, there is also a subsequent addition. Now, as per these newly enacted amendments of TKG, cidaas ID Validator can be used through its eIDAS conformity confirmation (since July 2021) for digital identification from 1st of December (01.12.2021).

How does cidaas ID Validator work?

With cidaas ID Validator, we have created a new, innovative service for the verification of identity cards, passports, and driver’s licenses. The user is intuitively and effortlessly guided through a fully automated digital identity verification process by ID Validator.

As the first step, we record a video of the ID document. We verify thereby various security features such as holograms or machine-readable codes and personal data such as name, date of birth and passport photo for authenticity. Users are quickly and easily guided through the process while we verify the authenticity of the document.

After we capture and verify the ID, the second step is to take a photo of the face. We compare these images with the passport photo and consequently perform liveness detection and real-time verification to ensure that it is a real person and not manipulation.

What does this new TKG amendment mean for companies?

The new TKG amendment means a lot for companies: cidaas ID Validator offers perfect integration into digital portals, a seamless user journey and a better customer relationship through simple application channels at affordable prices.

In addition, cidaas ID Validator prevents the creation of fake profiles. It performs identity checks for applications, age checks for content and leisure activities with age restrictions.

Furthermore, the day-to-day business activities, such as the conclusion of credit agreements, are handled flexibly and easily for both companies and consumers.

What does the new amendment mean for consumers?

For consumers, cidaas ID Validator means smooth, digital identification and convenient, fast processing of your daily activities, including contracts. Convenient, fast, and secure contracting is the result, while you sign or renew insurance or loan contracts online.

Moreover, cidaas ID Validator makes life easier, for example by digital identity verification based on the driver’s license, for rental cars, car sharing or leasing. Your mobility has never been so safe!

Long queues and endless phone calls are a thing of the past. Users of cidaas ID Validator experience maximum ease of use. Convenient, efficient business processes lead to greater customer satisfaction and increase brand loyalty. Contracts can be concluded entirely online, eliminating disruptive factors on your way to your customer or to your service provider – and all this is now TKG compliant.

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