Biometric – future oriented Identity and Access Management

Biometric authentication with cidaas
Unlocking their smartphone or laptop with the finger scan is nothing new for many users. Biometrics technology makes this possible. Because it is the technology that is best able to ensure a clear identification. Irises, fingerprints and faces are some of the best-known features that make each person unique and suitable for biometric authentication.

Biometric – the automated measurement of specific characteristics

The biometric features of each human being are unique and therefore very personal. Recognition methods using biometrics for people identification are not new. Francis Galton laid the scientific foundation for the use of the fingerprint in 1892. Fingerprint scans are currently the most widely used biometric method worldwide. However, in comparison to other biometric methods, they are comparatively unsafe, since it is easier to falsify or emulate the features. In addition, moisture, dirt or even a simple hand cream can affect the accuracy of the measurements. But compared to entering pin numbers for e.g., this detection method is much safer. In any case, biometric authentication offers a higher level of security than other methods of identification. A much-improved capability is provided by multi-factor authentication, for e.g. the combination of factors are used for unique identification including biometric authentication (such as face, speech, or fingerprint).

The advantage of future oriented identity and access management, which includes biometrics, is that it makes much harder for unauthorized people to gain access to, for example, a physical location, a computing device, a network, or a database. Biometrics can be used for internal access to portals, servers and systems of the enterprises, above all also in the customer communication. Biometric solutions are user-friendly and offer the highest level of security.

User identification and highest security is also what cidaas stands for – a cloud-based customer identity software solution from WidasConcepts. Multi-factor authentication verifies customer or employee identity over a second channel and stops fraudulent attempts or suspicious cases with built-in tools.

WidasConcepts has received the coveted “Software Hosted in Germany” quality seal for its cloud-based software solution cidaas. The seal is only awarded to software solutions that use German data centers and German contract law. Plus, it is certified that the German standard for data protection (BDSG) is complied with. A fact that makes it attractive for companies to use cidaas, the identity solution that implements biometrics technology.

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